Lenovo K6 VS Lenovo K6 Power

Here in this article we are going to compare two awesome smaetphones that has been recently launched by Lenovo in the range of Lenovo K6 series. We are comparing Lenovo K6 and Lenovo K6 Power features, specs and price for which they will be available in the market. So, let us look at some important comparisons between the two Smartphones from Lenovo.

Lenovo K6 VS Lenovo K6 Power Features

Key Features  Lenovo K6  Lenovo K6 Power
Memory 16 GB 16 GB
Operating Sys. Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
Display 5.20 inch 5.0 inch
Camera 13 MP Rear and 8 MP Front 13 MP Rear and 8 MP Front
Battery 3000 mah 4000 mah
Processor 1.4 Ghz Octa core 1.4 Ghz octa core
Sensors Accelerometer, proximity, Ambient light sensor Accelerometer, proximity, Ambient light sensor

Lenovo K6 VS Lenovo K6 Power Specs

Lenovo K6 and Lenovo K6 power have very less differences in Specs when they are compared. So, lets look at some really interesting specs of both the mobiles. Lenovo K6 is 5.20 inch long capacitive touvh screen Smartphone whereas Lenovo K6 power has 5.0 inch capacitive touch screen display. Lenovo K6 and Lenovo K6 power both are built with a 2 GB RAM and has 1.4 Ghz Octa core processors in them for rapid multitasking of different applications at the same time. These two smartphones are built on the same operating system i.e. Android 6.0.1 marshmallow and the major differences of these two smartphones are in there battery backup power. Lenovo K6 has 3000 mah powered battery whereas Lenovo K6 power has 4000 mah powerful battery for long life. the other specs of the both mobiles do not differ a lot. So, it is okay to buy any smartphone for the prescribed price. But if you need more time to play with your smartphone then choose Lenovo K6 power.

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