Manga Camera application for iphone users

Manga is actually a Japanese comic series. Manga camera is an application of iphone that helps to switch usual images to Manga comic form. The Manga camera basically converts the snapshots into black and white mode along with several unusual backgrounds. The most interesting fact of this camera app is it offers sound effects of Manga folklore.  This app was launched in septmber 11 and soon the Manga camera for iphone became popular especially to the Japanese users.

How to get Manga in iphone?

The main reason that allows iphone to support manga camera is its 3.5 inch broad screen.  Along with this the facility to zoom images makes the iphone able to support manga camera app. But the camera is not pre installed in the iphone so one needs to go for a third party app to get the manga. There are some instructions outlined below through which manga can be transferred to iphone.

  • First one has to hit the “press” button on the iphone
  • Net he has to download some mailboxes that will help in exchanging server.
  • Then going to the search option he has to type “Manga”.
  • Then he needs to tap on the “install” mentioning his Apple ID at the prompt.

After following all these steps properly the one can simply get manga camera for iphone

Functionality of manga camera

Manga camera not only helps in switching the original picture to manga comic style but it allows the users to add extra graphic, tag lines etc as well.

Advantage of manga camera

A lot of advantages are offered by manga camera. One of the advantages of the manga camera application is it provides the option to either store the images in the photo library of iphone or share it on the social networking sites. It is such an excellent app that makes an ultimate dull picture to look cool and impressive. Along with this the application offers a vast number of backgrounds affects and allows the user to freely choose effects of own choice.

To adjust the image there is settings menu that will regulate the picture according to the shades of the background.

Managa camera is an application that a lot of people seek for. But unfortunately it has been launched for iPhones only till date and not for iPads or iPods. Manga camera for iphone can be downloaded from the internet even at free of cost. This is actually a delight to the freaks of this application.

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