Mobdro App For watching your favorite movies and TV shows for free

In this current digital age movies and TV shows are the major source of entertainment. People wish to watch their favourite characters do amazing and wondrous things in the movies and the series. These works of fiction happen to be the greatest ‘Time killers’ for the people of this generation.

There are many websites and apps available for watching these movies and TV series. Most of them are full of advertisements which ruins the experience of enjoying the movies and the series. Some of them offer paid subscription which many of us couldn’t afford.

For watching your favorite movies and TV shows for free there is an awesome app available, which is the ‘Mobdro’ app.

About Mobdro app:

Mobdro is an app available in various platforms like Android, IOS, Windows, Kindle fire, Linux etc; It is an internationally acclaimed video streaming application. Mobdro application can be used to discover, stream, share, bookmark, and capture the streaming of your favourite TV shows and movies. You can watch them offline for free of cost.

Mobdro allows the user to enjoy HD movies, TV shows, Sports shows, news shows for free. By using the Mobdro application you can watch those shows offline. This application allows you stream the videos continuosly without the hassle of buffering. The application makes it possible by using minimum network bandwidth.

The Mobdro application provides videos across several different categories, everything free of cost.

Features of Mobdro app:

  1. Freeware:

The application is available for free of cost. So you can enjoy watching your favourite TV shows and movies anytime for free. You can use the app for free so that you dont have to worry about paying for your entertainment. The application is available in premium version also which is outrageously ad free.

  1. Big Library:

The Mobdro application provides us with loads and loads of Tv shows and movies. Thousands of video streams can be found on this application which are neatly divided into various categories. The application has an enormous library which provides us hours and hours of entertainment.

  1. Fast download:

The Mobdro application can be downloaded from the official website or from other trusted third party sources. The official website provides us with fast and hassle free download.

  1. Sharing:

The Mobro application allows you to share your favourite shows and videos with your friends and others through various platforms. So you can Mobdro app and share your playlist with your friends easily. Choose the best and share your amazing collection of shows and videos with others.

  1. Bookmarking:

The Mobdro application allows you to bookmark the videos so that you can watch them later and share them with others.

How to install the Mobdro app:

  1. Enable unknown sources:

To In your device under the settings menu enable ‘allow unknown sources’ option. Otherwise the application will not be installed.

  1. Download:

Download the application from the official website or from other trusted third party sources.

  1. Install:

Click the apk file and press install button.

  1. Confirm permissions:

Give the applicaion the necessary permissions.


Mobdro is the perfect application for streaming your favourite videos. It provides great perfomance with virtually no issues. So Mobdro should be your first choice for streamig videos.

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