Moto E with Android M

Motorola Moto E vsXiaomiRedmi 4

Motorola Moto E Mobile:

Moto E with Android M

Moto E

Motorola Moto E was launched in the month of May 2014. It is a best phone with the price of Rs. 5,681 having good performance. It has good looks with 4.3 inch screen. Along with this screen it has 540x960 pixel resolution at a PPI of 250 pixels per inch.

XiaomiRedmi 4:

Redmi 4 with 13 MP camera

Redmi 4 with 16GB ROM

XiaomiRedmi 4 was launched the month of November 2016. It is a good phone with its price. It comes with the price of Rs. 6,999. A Smart phone with 5.00 inches screen having advanced features is rare combination. It can possible with the XiaomiRedmi 4 Smart phone.

It is obvious that, when we are going to buy a mobile, we will compare the products that comes at a relative prices.As we have 2 mobiles let's compare the mobiles depending on the features and specifications. Here we have provided some specifications that will help you to choose the best smart phone at a affordable price.

  1. Price:

XiaomiRedmi 4: Rs. 6,999

Motorola Moto E: Rs. 5,681

  1. Operating System:

Redmi 4: XiaomiRedmi Note 4 comes with Android v 4.4.2(Kitkat).

Moto E: Compared to Redmi Motorola Moto E updated with Android v6.0.1 (Marshmallow).

  1. Performance:

Performance of a phone depends on the processor which is good at Motorola E smart phone. In simple words, Motorola Moto E mobile comes with Dual Core processor where as Redmi comes with Octa Core processor.

  1. Storage:

Storage is the biggest deal when it comes to mobile. We have lot of files that are needed to be stored in our mobile. But what is the use of the mobile which has low storage? It is another thing we can add external storage devices like micro SD Cards to our mobile. But it is important to have good internal storage. Coming to internal storage XiaomiRedmi has 16 GB internal memory where Moto E has 4 GB internal memory. 

  1. Camera:

Motorola Moto E comes with a camera of 5 Mega Pixels where asXiaomiRedmi 4 has a camera capacity of 13 MP. According to the prices these mobiles have good camera feature which attract the mobile lovers. It often leads to buy these mobiles.


One of the considering facts when it comes to mobiles is RAM. Along with the processor, RAM is considered as a speed factor. For Example, when we buy a Desktop or laptop we usually ask for the RAM. Because f we have a low RAM, the speed of the system ill be slow. The same rule is applicable for the mobiles also.

Coming to Redmi 4 mobile, it has 2 GB RAM where as Motorola Moto E has 1 GB RAM capacity.

  1. Battery:
    Battery is one of the considering factor about the mobile. XiaomiRedmi 4 comes with the battery of 4100 mAHwhere as Motorola Moto E comes with the battery of 1980 mAH capacity. Compared to the prices Motorola Moto E has low battery.
  2. Network:

Today is the generation of 4G. When comes to mobiles most people ask, it supports 4G or not. It is good news for the users of XiaomiRedmi 4. Because it supports 4G network where Motorola Moto E Android mobiles doesn't.

We hope this comparision will help you choose your mobile under your budget. Stay tuned our site for latest updates.

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