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Hungry enough but don’t want to step out of home? Give a try to zomato once and we are sure you will use it over and again. Zomato is an Indian website that gives you services for online food ordering and delivery at your doorstep. Zomato is the fastest and easiest way to order food and gives coupons and offers on online food delivery and gives you option of searching your nearby restaurant and the cousin you are craving for. It was founded by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah in 2008.

Zomato is currently operating in 23 countries along with Australia, Singapore, Brazil, Italy, New Zealand, Turkey, South Africa, Ireland, Poland and many more. They have their headquarters in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. They offer various consumer services like restaurant discovery and search, online ordering and delivery, table reservation, subscription services and POS (point of sale) terminals. Zomato has over 2000 employees and about 90 million monthly visits of users. They operate through their website zomato.com and provide an application on window phone, watchOS android, and universal windows platform.

Online Food Ordering Service:

Ordering food online was never so fun but zomato made it so by its services. You can order your food online just in three easy steps:

  1. Explore restaurants: it will ask for your location and postal address. When you finish entering your address, zomato search for your entire nearby restaurant and give you results. You can also search for the restaurant of your choice in search and browse section. You can browse through several options and choose the restaurant of your choice. The restaurant provides with several type of food like Italian, Indian, Mexican, Chinese or whichever you want to have.
  2. Build your order: you can explore the menu of different restaurants and build your order. Based upon your willingness you can make orders from any particular menu or from menus of different restaurants.
  3. Real-time alert: zomato keeps you updated about your food process and delivery. You can track your order on their application.

You can make payments on through your cards or e-wallets. They also give you exclusive offers on your order time to time. You can avail offers on occasions as well. The usual delivery time of zomato is 30-40 minutes based upon your location. They promise you quality food and faster services.


zomato is becoming one of the leading online food site because of its services and features :

  • It is really easy to use zomato application and site. You just have to browse restaurant, order your food, make payment and enjoy your food. There are no further proceedings to be made.
  • They give you real time updates about the menu and prices of food in different places. It reduces the chances of being cheated. They also have consumer chat support so that you can clear your queries regarding its services and offers.
  • They review the food and restaurant as well. It helps in building trust worthy relation with customers.
  • It also gives you option of table reservation and management in the restaurants. You can book your table before going.

Now when you know about it Go and give it a try to enjoy best food at your steps.

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