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Is here any zombie lover? Is here any zombie-movie lover? We expect many positive answers for both of these questions, as Zombies are one of the ugly-but-loved creatures, contributed by the big brains behind Hollywood. Apart from the world of silver screen, these creatures have stepped up to the Gaming world as well. Following its predecessor forms, those games have also gained notice from our tech world and Gaming-lovers. Here, we would like to introduce one of the best zombie based games, Plants vs. Zombies to you, as its name implies. We would like to tell you more about this fascinating and enjoyable game, available for most of your favourite platforms, regardless it is mobile device or not. Now, we will have an extended look to this highly popular, lovable game.

Plants Vs Zombies

As we mentioned earlier, Plants vs. Zombies is a highly popular game with multi-platform support, bought to the stage by the creative brains of PopCap games. Initial release of this game was back in May 5, 2009 via Steam, one commonly used Game-distribution service. After few months, in 2010, PopCap started the distribution of Plants vs. Zombies for iOS-powered websites, followed by the dedicated version for iPad, with HD label. Plants vs. Zombies, originally released for Windows and Mac became much popular, as the company extended its supported-device list by adding Android, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo DS, and Blackberry Playbook etc. Nonetheless, the ancestors, versions for Windows and Mac received their renovation orders soon, adding noticeable features to the app. Now, we can say, without any doubt, that Plants vs. Zombies has been listed in top apps of each of these platforms’ app stores.

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Theme & Gameplay

Once you have started playing this game, you have become the owner of a house, to which zombies are rushing to residents’ brain. What the owner has, as tools, are some plants including fungi, with their own power of defending those creatures. Using your brain, you can place any of those plants around your house in such a way that zombies will not attack your home. Once you have placed one plant in a place, it can destroy or defend zombies, coming in the horizontal line, which forces you to arrange these plants in such an effective manner. In addition, plants require sun (as usual) to fight with zombies. You can get sunlight during daytime whereas you will have to make use of fungi or some plants for getting sun. However, you can purchase specific upgrades to the game (some extra defensive methods) by paying some, if you are passionate about winning the game).

Just like all other games, available in the market, Plants vs. Zombies is split into different levels. Even without stepping to next levels, Gameplay becomes tough when time changes to night. During nighttime play, you can make use of specific plants for gathering sun, the living requirement of plants. There are some advanced levels in the game such as nighttime pool, lightening storm, rooftop etc. In addition, in each level, you have to conceal yourself, in order to get rid of zombie attacks. Nevertheless, in some random levels of Plants vs. Zombies, you can prefer yourself to choose a bowling style, where you can make use of wall-nuts to bowl-down and attack zombies. If you want to spend nothing in game, you will have limited number of seeds with you whereas you can buy some extra seeds from the game itself. However, as you move straight through the levels, you will get extra-seeds having extra abilities. Moreover, the attributes of zombies coming (speed, frequency etc) has changes according to each level’s difficulty.

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