Pokémon Fire Red Rom - Gameboy Advance Version Downloads

Pokémon game offers several versions to download and install, and one of them is the above said one. The Pokémon Fire Red game version comes with additional features. Here, you can collect monsters from different game installments such as Sapphire, Ruby, Colosseum, and others. Read on to know more about the game and the top downloaded version of this game. You also get to know the steps following which you can download the game easily on your device.

You can download and install the game from online sites that allows your friend to chat with other gamers who are playing this game. In addition to this, gamers can also take part in battles that take place in the Pokémon game. The above-said version of the game comes with latest features such as recap system, tutorial mode, mini games and other advanced features making the game an interesting one.

How to Download an emulator to Play Pokémon Fire Red ROM?

  1. To play Pokémon Fire Red game, you have to download the emulator from Google Play Store. Several free emulators are available online, and you have to download the right one so that you can play the game easily.
  2. The next step is to find GBA game ROM. You only need to search for Pokémon FireRed ROM, and you can download from a host of options that shows up. Therefore, try to download software with which you can play GameBoy Advance game consoles. You will get the ROM files in zipped form. So, you need an extractor to download the file. In addition, you can also download your ROMs in your computer and transfer them to your SD card to play the game in your mobile set.
  3. The third step is to load the game on the device. After properly loading it, the game is ready to play. After you open the game, it will direct you to loading screen. After this, you have to find the ROM to load it in order to play the game.

Pokémon Fire Red rom - GAMEPlay Advance (GBA) DOWNLOADS

The GBA download can be done online. But make sure that you download the game from the right link so that you are able to run the game properly. In addition, you can get plenty of website options to download the game from.

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Top 10 Most Downloaded Pokémon Fire Red Rom Games:


  1. Pokemon Outlaw

This game has a unique story compare to other Pokémon games. Here, the story begins with the life of a 15 years old orphan boy. However, some changes can be seen in the game in the Kanto map. Also, the game has gunny dialogues and jokes. Therefore, it is an interesting one.

  1. Pokemon Vega

This offers a different version of the adventure game. Here, you can expect exciting challenges along with a chance to encounter 181 new Pokémon and 56 Pokémon of recent generation. You can explore new regions in this game. In addition to this, 70 new moves including 87 from new generations have been introduced in this version of the game. This is what makes the game more interesting for game lovers. Also, games can expect to meet new creatures in this game.

  1. Pokemon Gaia V3.2

For the gamers who are looking for an advanced version of Pokémon FireRed, this is a suitable option to play. With stunning changes from its original version, this is considered as one of the best among the Pokémon FireRed version of games. This version supports power-up known as Mega evolution, which is one of the favorite features of gamers in this game. However, it is in beta release, but gamers can expect more changes to come in this version of the game.

  1. Pokemon Fuligin

Here comes another breathtaking Pokémon game story that is sure to interest all Pokémon gaming lovers. Though the starting story of this version is the same as that of its original version, brother character in this story is shown with team rocket it results in a lot of problems. This story is interesting.

  1. Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter

This version of Pokémon FireRed is based on Adventure Red Manga in which some events have been changed. This has made the game an interesting one, and it is a long one. In addition to this, some special features have been added to this version of the game compared to its original version. It is sure to make the game even more interesting and improved to the game lovers.

  1. Pokemon Clover

This game is among the good quality ones that come with plenty of new features, original audio, advanced mechanics, and more. Therefore, it can be assumed that the team working behind this version of the game is trying to make this an advanced one. This is sure to make the game lovers fall in love with it.

  1. Pokemon Cloud White

This game has interesting styles, design, items, background, Pokémon including a unique story for game lovers. In addition, new building designs, new battle scenes, and more are introduced in this version of the game.

  1. Pokemon Liquid Crystal

This game is a FireRed based ROM game that comes with the plot of Pokémon Crystal. Some interesting features and unique advancement have been made in this game version.With some real weather effects, it also has updated graphics along with mapping in this game.

  1. Pokemon Ash Gray

The story of this game is the same as that of Pokémon anime story with a little difference in mapping, tiles along with certain other modifications. All these make it look different from the original version of Pokémon FireRed version.

  1. Pokemon Dark Rising

Some players might find it difficult to play this version of the game. But it is interesting to play with its update of features.

Conclusion: However, this game is the remake version of Pokemon Red of the GameBoy Color. Along with this, this game version is known to be the sister version of Pokémon Leaf Green. Part of the story of the game and role-playing remains the same in the version of the game as well. So, the Pokémon Fire Red is an interesting game both for adults and children. With additional content and latest graphics format, this game version is one of the best of Pokémon.

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