Difference between Regular prepaid plans & 4G prepaid plans

Prepaid plans are a favourite amongst all customers, and they should be, considering the wide number of benefits that they provide –you always know how much data pack and the numbers of calls that you can make, the number of SMS that you can send and much more. Thus, the customer is always in control.

However, despite enjoying so much popularity, it is important that you always pick the right prepaid plan for yourself and your loved ones, else you may run the risk of missing out on a better offer. With 4G becoming the most widely used prepaid plan, it is high time that you upgrade from your regular plan and get yourself a blazing fast 4G connection.

The number of plans in the market might make you unsure about the prepaid plan that is best for you but read on and you’ll understand why 4G is the next best step that you can take for yourself and your family.

What is the 4G network?

4G mobile network is the 4th generation of mobile network, which is the next step after 3G. 4G provides you faster internet, with speeds that usually range from 2 to 12 Mbps, and they can even go higher than that at certain times. A 4G network is almost 10 times faster than 3G, which is why upgrading to a 4G prepaid plan in today’s fast-paced and heavily connected world is a no brainer.

Can I stream movies on 4G?

Yes! The 4G network was developed to make everything easier, smoother, and faster. And it excels at that because it has a greater bandwidth, which helps it to load videos without any buffering. Now you can stream your favourite movies and web series, or watch videos on YouTubein HD quality, which was previously impossible on 3G.

Not just movies, now you can use social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and others with a more improved experience than before sinceeverything loads in no time. Thus, if you love scrolling through your social media and need a faster connection that helps you connect with your friends and followers even better, a 4G prepaid plan is the way to go.

In time of lockdown, you can even use your 4G prepaid plan to make video calls to your friends, family and loved ones. HD video calls used to be a challenge with 3G plans, but not anymore.

Why is Airtel 4G prepaid the best?

Airtel provides its users with vast range of plans that enable customers to pick and choose from the plan that best fits their needs. Moreover, the wide number of top-up plans also ensure that users can upgrade their packs whenever they feel that they need that little bit of extra talk time or internet pack to help them get through the end of the month.

Airtel’s truly unlimited 4G packs are the best choice, since they tick all the boxes for everyone. The plans start from ₹155, which provides you 1 GB of data and unlimited calls for 24 days along with free Airtel Hellotunes.

There areseveral plans which allow users to make unlimited calls, butthe ₹3359 plan is the best amongst them, since it gives subscribers 2Gb of super-fast 4G internet per day and the plan stays valid for the entire year, making it an amazing deal.

To sweeten the deal, the users of this plan also get a free subscription to Disney+Hotstar on mobile which is worth ₹500, free online courses at Shaw Academy, free Airtel Hellotunes, a free subscription to Wynk Music, 3 months of Apollo 24/7 circle and a ₹100 cashback on FASTag.

Thus, Airtel 4G prepaid plans are the better choice over your regular packs, any day!

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