PS4 games to look forward to in 4th quarter of the year

The best is yet to come, at least for upcoming PlayStation games in the 4th quarter. You might have already played exclusives such as Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Ratchet and Clank, The Witness, and other amazing games this 2016, if not, simply search the library of PS4 games at Harvey Norman to get the latest and best titles in PS4 right now.

Here are the upcoming 4th quarter games this year to look forward to:

NBA 2K17 | Release Date: Sept. 20, 2016 – This is one for the basketball fans. After a very strong performance with NBA 2K16 compared with NBA Live 2016, this year’s instalment carries big hopes for continued momentum. Legend Edition Gold and Early Tip-Off Edition were also available for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Final Fantasy 15 | Release Date: Nov. 28, 2016 – Square Enix previously announce the FF Versus 13, a complimentary game to the upcoming FF 13. Fans, including myself got excited to have multiple Final Fantasy games to play, but years passed and not a single Versus 13 was released. All of a sudden, E3 2013 announced the brand new moniker: Final Fantasy 15. This game has a large shoe to fill, but the majority of fans believe it will fly.

Mafia 3 | Release Date: Oct. 7, 2016 – Same with most games nowadays, Mafia 3 takes place in a fully-explorable open-world. You’ll be able to venture out to the 60s version of New Orleans playing as Lincoln Clay, a ‘Nam veteran with a serious vengeance against the mob. Brutal action, amazing car-driving, and spot-on soundtrack. What’s not to like?

Battlefield 1 | Release Date: Oct. 21, 2016 – The popular DICE franchise is back in a splashy reveal event, where the game’s creator promised fans a surreal experience of World War 1. We’ll have sabres, horses, flame throwers, and zeppelins in addition to a couple of notable historic guns. The Battlefield games just brought a refreshing variety to the military shooter space.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare | Nov. 4, 2016 – Another popular shooter franchise going to another direction. COD is doubling down on the future with a trip to the outer space. The gunplay looks similar to past games, but the armour and gadgets are bound to get some high-tech upgrades.

Dishonored 2 | Nov. 11, 2016 – So much has changed since master assassin, Corvo Attano save a damsel in distress, Empress Emily Kaldwin from her family’s betrayers. Dishonored 2 gives you control over both Corvo and Emily, letting you access mind control and master assassin’s blink abilities.

Rise of the Tomb Raider | TBA 2016 -  Nope, it’s not an Xbox One exclusive anymore. Lara will also be unleashed on PS4 in late 2016. It may be a long wait, but it’ll be worth the wait. After the harrowing adventure in the first game, Lara has done it again, now going out into the great unknown in search for ancient crypts and archaeological discoveries.

Day Z | TBA 2016 – What’s up with these games without clear release dates! It’s getting our blood pumped for all the right reasons – but still. What makes Day Z extra special is the brutal creativity of the players. One day you’re trading food cans amicably with a farmer, and the next thing you know you’re being chased by hordes of hungry zombies – and they’re not after your food can. And that amount of zombie in the trailer waiting to be shot to pieces? Pure bliss.

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