Remote Keyboard, Write in Your Android Device with the Pc Keyboard


The small screens of mobile and touch pads are not always comfortable when on hurry and above all, when they look good. Being able to write with the PC keyboard directly on an Android device can be quite useful.

Remote Keyboard for Android allows PC keyboard connected via Wi-Fi using Telnet. The procedure is very simple and I’ll explain afterwards. Obviously, both the PC and the Android must be connected to the same Wi-Fi.

Remote Keyboard

The first thing you need is to download and run Remote Keyboard on the Android device from Google Play, and follow the few instructions it provides. First we ask if you want to enable the application as input method, requesting access to the configuration (settings) system.

Once you press the “OK” button will launch the module that allows choosing input methods. Then select “Remote Keyboard” and from this side already. The application will then provide an IP address and a port to connect to it via Telnet.

Telnet is a network protocol whose client brings almost any operating system, but not always enabled. They are usually customers to work from console. As this is not always attractive, we can use graphical clients like PuTTY.

PuTTY is open source, cross-platform (for MAC is on the way), and is recommended by the application itself. If customer opted for the system we have to ensure that it is enabled, and if not, download and install PuTTY on the PC.

Using command line, once inside the console, write


And once you see the prompt ,

Open port IP address

As shown in the examples for Windows and Linux (remember that the Telnet command to exit is quit ).

If we choose to PuTTY, we just have to fill the fields with the data supplied by Remote Keyboard (IP address and port for the listener). We mark the radio control “Telnet” and click “Open”.

Both by the client and by PuTTY console if all went well, you have before you a window that indicates the connection.

That’s it!

With the window in focus, everything I write on the computer keyboard terminal will move to Android -except some password fields-whatever the application in use. Remote Keyboard has a screen to check the proper functioning of the connection.

Both are PuTTY Remote Keyboard as free apps and do not need a euro to try, if only out of curiosity, how they understand each two applications for the purpose at hand.

Performing testing I found that there are at least two different versions for Remote Keyboard depending on the device – one for phones with at least version 2.3 of the OS, and one for tablets, which operates 7-inch screens or more. Google Play offers right for us. The test was performed with a Android 4.0 tablet animated, and on the PC Windows 7 and Linux Mint 15.

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