The Role of Technology in Minimizing the Risk of Car Accidents

According to statistics, a greater percentage of automobile accidents are caused by human behavior rather than mechanical failure of a car. Therefore, auto designers and manufacturers have been working on ways to reduce the number of accidents by assisting drivers with driving. As society and technology advance rapidly, we can no longer say that these benefits are for the future since they are already here with us. Drivers of modern cars, whether commercial or private, can now smile as they enjoy semi-autonomous vehicles loaded with smart computers to assist in driving and increasing safety. The highlights below show how real this situation has already become at the present.

Traction Control System:

Although this system is not available in all vehicles, it is a technology that is reducing the risk of accidents on the road in an excellent way. Some roads are especially slick when there is rain or snow. Cars traveling at high speed can skid and collide with others. However, traction control technology prevents this by managing how the wheels rotate during acceleration from a stop and at high speed.

Lane Departure Warning:

Through a series of sensors, vehicles can now warn drivers against departing from their lanes while cruising down a highway or any other road. This prevents major accidents that can involve numerous vehicles at once. The warning appears on the dashboard screen so that the driver can focus more closely on driving ahead. In fact, more advanced vehicles can automatically steer back into the correct lane if the computer detects that a driver is swerving through unbroken dividing lines between lanes.

Driver Behavior Monitoring:

This is mostly for fleet vehicles like delivery vans, cabs, and coaches that are always on the road on a daily basis. Some experts agree that driver behavior can contribute to an accident especially for those who drive as a full-time job. Live cabin cameras and other behavior-monitoring devices that are offered by EyeRide Online allow the supervisors to guide the drivers in the best practices while on the road. Also, drivers who know they are being watched will adhere to the official procedures and, therefore, reduce the risks of accidents on the road.

Parking Sensors:

Quite a large number of vehicle accidents also occur in parking lots, particularly while reversing. But with the help of a rearview camera and reverse sensors, drivers will take better control of their vehicles and avoid hitting other cars or knocking down people. The best thing is that some of these technologies can be added to a vehicle as an aftermarket option and still function properly.

Automatic Emergency Braking:

It is also called a forward collision avoidance system. It is a life-saving technology that protects a driver from crashing into other vehicles when the driver does not break or turn in time. The vehicle is fitted with sensors that cause the brakes to automatically activate if the vehicle moves too close to an object like a pedestrian or other cars. Since its introduction in the auto industry, the technology has saved people from numerous fatal accidents.

These are some of the best ways the auto industry is preventing the risk of accidents through the use of technology. As time goes by, we expect to have autonomous vehicles that will prevent almost all accidents.

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