Run WhatsApp on PC [How To]

All those out of you who own any smartphone, must be familiar with the popular app WhatsApp. Do you? In just the case you don't, just read out the following section.

What is WhatsApp ?

WhatsApp is a simple to use cross platform instant messaging app, with which, you can send messages to any of friends using this app. The messages you send using WhatsApp, are sent over the web. So, you don't get charged by your service provider. All you pay for is the Internet connection on your smartphone, nothing else! WhatsApp works in the same way as SMS does. You just need to have mobile number of person whom you want to send the message. Having so, you can add that person in your WhatsApp contact list and then can send him/her message. Of course, other person should also have WhatsApp on his/her smartphone.

Features of WhatsApp

Messaging is the major feature of WhatsApp. You can send messages for free to your friends and anyone else who is in your contacts in WhatsApp. You can enjoy the real-time messaging, or can leave message which gets saved in WhatsApp, and is accessible by the recipient at anytime. Apart from text messaging, you can send images, video and audio messages as well. The conversation that takes place between you and any of your WhatsApp contacts, is saved, which you can access at any time. You can add any new contact, for which, you only need to have knowledge about mobile number of intended contact. If any person annoys you, you can remove him/her, can block with single step.

Run WhatsApp on PC

You might have thought whether or not we can run WhatsApp on PC, right? The answer is- we can run WhatsApp on PC. How? For this, you will have to read ahead.

Note: There is not any official version of WhatsApp for PC. So don't expect any direct installation. Sorry! But don't panic, the other way is also very simple. Just follow the below given steps.

  • Like I said, there is no particular version available for PC. The idea here is to run the apk version on PC. Yeah, the Android version of WhatsApp on PC. This is the only way how we can run WhatsApp on PC.  If you are wondering how an Android app can be run on PC, then the answer is 'BlueStacks'.
  • BlueStacks is an emulator to run Android apps on PC. This is what we require to run WhatsApp on PC. So, you must download this emulator first. Download it from here.
  • Now you need to download the WhatsApp apk version. The better way is to search 'WhatsApp' in the BlueStacks, and download it from there.
  • After downloading, install the same.

That's all. Once you are done with these steps, WhatsApp will be running on your PC. This is how we can run WhatsApp on PC.

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