Samsung Gear S2 Applications

24 Major applications that your Samsung Gear S2 needs right now!

Do you own a Samsung Gear S2? And are you confused about what are the major applications that you must have? Well, let us introduce you to some of the finest applications that you can make the best use of.

The Best 24 Applications for Samsung Gear S2:

Following is the list of the 24 applications that you can make the best use of:

Golf Navi Global:

Are you an avid Golf lover? Then this application is for you. The best gold navigator that you can find for yourself is this. Helps you get through with the exact gold hole for your score. Also helps you calculate the distance from it!

1. Calorie Burner S2:

Yes, don’t you just want to know that how many calories are you successfully burning? Well, with the calorie burner application, now feel satisfied with the calorie count in your body right now!

Samsung Gear S2 Applications

2. Chat Hub:

Are you a person who hates screening through applications to check after the messages? Well, this application seems just apt for you! You can find all your messages from different applications right on one screen with this.

3. Vroom Rider:

Games on a smartwatch? Wow! Right? Well, yes, though not many on the list, yet this is one of the best that you can play. With the S2 you will come across one of the best games in form of this!

4. Prana:

The more healthy you stay the better for you. Well, Prana will help you understand how to remain healthy by being calm and relaxed. This is definitely great for you in so many ways.

5. Twitter Trends:

Tweet! Tweet! Tweet! Is this the motto of your life? Well, here you get to get your advantage. You will get regular feed updates on your watch with the help of this particular application.

6. Kevo by UniKey:

Do you believe in a smart security for your home? And is this one reason why you want to get through with this application as it will allow you to get through with the smart home key access for yourself!

7. Spotify:

Though you will not find the offline version of the same, yet the Spotify is very much accessible to you. This will help you get through with your Playlist as well as the music charts easily.

8. Fruit Ninja:

Yes, you must have already played this on your androids and loved it crazy! Then why not try it on the Gear S as well? Well, the Fruit Ninja application will be the best for you!

9. Mr. Time Maker:

If you are an adventurous person then probably the boring and monotonous designs of the watch faces are not for you! So what do you need? Well, the application of Mr. Time maker will help you customize things in your own way!

10. News Briefing:

Yes, who doesn’t want to know about the major headlines all around the world? Of course, with this application, you can get through with the news briefing without any problem at all.

11. Travel Phrasebook:

When traveling to a different place altogether you need to be proficient with the local language of the place. With this application, you get through with the basic communication all in all.

12. Xenozu YouTube Player:

If you are a YouTube freak then, unfortunately, having an official YouTube application on S2 isn’t possible for you. And this is only why you need the help of this application for yourself.

13. SmartThings:

This is set for Samsung’s smart equipment for the houses. Yes, there is no doubt in the fact that this application will help you understand all about the smart things. And will help you get through with the best results.

14. eBay:

Now, who doesn’t love shopping online? Well, yes, everybody does! People must understand that the eBay is an application that they will need for themselves. Bid easy and get the best results with this.

15. Here Maps Navigator:

Are you directionally challenged? Then this is one application that can save your life with amazing results. With this navigator map you get step by step directions on the roads you walk.

16. Voxer:

With Voxer you can just speak into the watch and your friend will get through with the message on the screen of their watches. They can even listen to them! Feeling adventurous enough! Well, it is meant for the same!

17. Bubble Bash 3:

The Bubble Bash 3 is another interesting application that will not fall short of offering you enough entertainment of course!

18. Camera Gear:

Did you ever feel fascinated by how James Bond may have a gear that helps him click pictures or record a video without being noticed? Well, this application in the Samsung Gear S2 will help you do just so!

19. Agile Keyboard:

There is no doubt in the fact that some people are still in love with the QWERTY keyboard option! This cool application will allow them to get through with it, without any problem at all.

20. Snake Classic S2:

The snake game is well, enough famous. And with this classic game on your wrist, no time will be boring to you and we bet on that! So what are you waiting for? Download it today!

21. Line:

Well if you want to message and want to attach the faces to the message what you do? Well, you get yourself a Line application! This application will most definitely be of an immense amount of help to you!

22. Yelp for Gear:

Everybody knows about the site of Yelp. There is nothing mysterious in it and this is probably why the people will love to get through with the same no matter what!

23. Photo Watch Pro:

Of course, if you want to get over with the pre-installed faces of the watch, then this is an application that you can make use of. You must certainly understand that with this application, things will be really easy!

24. Volkswagen:

Do you have the Volkswagen’s cars that are smartly connected? Well, then let us tell you that this application is just apt for you!

These are some of the finest apps for your S2 and you must use them for the best benefits!

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