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After leaving all flagship companies behind the bars, Samsung is now on the zenith as it’s the number one brand in the mobile phone industry. Every brand whether its Nokia, LG, HTC, Motorola or Apple knows well that what Samsung is. Samsung is the one who changed the definition of smart phones. The market ruler Samsung made people mesmerized with the launch of Android. Android was the OS platform, company launched in its smart phone and introduced people with something unusual such as million of applications, elegant interface and new way of calling. To connect and control your phone via PC, one needs to have Samsung PC suite in his/her Computer.

Samsung PC Suite

Usually it’s software that will allow user to connect their device with PC and act like an interfacing bridge, you can access your contacts, messages, calendars and even can create backup of them in your PC by using Samsung PC Suite or Samsung Sync Manager. Though there are several version available and you can easily download them from internet but here I am going to discuss the 7th version of Samsung PC Studio.

Let’s check out some features first before starting the installation process.

Features of Samsung PC Suite or Samsung PC Studio 7

You will find the features of Samsung PC Studio 7 as same as others but still f you need the exact details of software then here we go.

  • This Suite allows you to connect your device via using three different ways, USB Connection, Infrared and Bluetooth. In order to connect with Infrared and Bluetooth, your computer should also have such connectivity features otherwise such connections cannot be made.
  • Samsung PC Studio 7 has elegant User Interface and you will find it very easy to access, the awesome home-screen and easy tools would make your experience with Samsung PC Suite really ecstatic.
  • It’s very easy to connect to the internet now, by using your mobile phone as a modem via Samsung PC Studio 7.
  • Create the back up of your important and personal data in your computer via using this PC suite.
  • File Manager Application will allow you to use or access the files and folders stored on your device. You can easily transfer the data from your computer to device and vice versa.

So, now it must be cleared that this tool is very useful and if you are having a Samsung Phone then you need to download it.

How to Download & Install the Samsung PC Suite Free for Windows 7/8

To download Samsung PC Suite or Samsung PC Studio 7 Free for Windows 7/8, you need to click on the following link:

Samsung PC Suite Free Download for Windows 7/8

After getting it downloaded, follow some points which will come on your screen, and just like any simple software you will found it being installed in your PC.

So, folks, I hope you found this information useful for you, if you have any issue regarding the post feel free to write.

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