Guide On How to Download SHAREit App On Your Device?

So, this time, you have an app which lets you connect with the devices to transfer the files and other multimedia content. SHAREit for Android is your best bet for transferring the files to other devices which are huge in numbers. The app is very convenient to work with and it easily lets you transfer the files in a more pragmatic manner.

On your Android device, you can use the SHAREit apk which can be downloaded from the app store. You can look forward for this guide to understand more about the Android package kit. Apk file or apk extension is the file format basically used on Android OS platforms. With Android OS becoming more intelligent, you can find out ample ways to enjoy using SHAREit.

Procedure to download it on Android device

You can check out the steps to get SHAREit on your Android device. The steps for downloading this app on Android device are as follows:

  • Open Google Play store on your device
  • Type the name of app you want on the search bar
  • Click on the icon of the app
  • Click on the install button

The above steps are simple and you can easily download the app on your phone. Look forward for more options when it comes to using this app on large scale. You can download SHAREit for PC Windows 10/8.1/7 and Mac OS free aswell

How to use it on Android device?

This app is easy to work on, you can look forward for using SHAREit apk in a more pragmatic manner. You can easily check out the procedures for using this app easily through your phone. The steps for using this app are as follows:

  • Open the app on your Android phone
  • Press Send button
  • Skip the file which comes up next
  • After getting directed to the next page, you will be asked to select the files which you want to share.
  • If you are sending the files to Windows is that not to select the folder. Just select the files that you want to send. After you have completed the selection procedure, press the SEND button.
  • Press Connect button to the ios or WP
  • Click on the Continue button

A Wi-Fi connection will be established between both the phones. On the receiving phone, open this app and press receive. The above procedure completes the sharing of the files through the app so you can enjoy safe transferring of data.

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