Top 5 Software Development Companies in Health insurance

There is increasing integration between software and health insurance in the technology world. There are a wide array of examples of this, including apps that can track your health, alert loved ones when you are injured, or allow you easy access to your medical records.

However, while this integration is making life easier for patients, providers, and insurance companies alike, that doesn't mean that it always comes easily. The development of health and insurance apps is harder than in most other areas. Technology has to be HIPPA compliant, integrate multiple platforms, work with other devices, update web portals, and more. This means that a software development company must have the necessary experience to manage and excel at all of these operations.

Of course, some companies have developed incredible expertise in this area. Here's a look at five of the best. 


When it comes to a good software development company, you need a company that can simultaneously serve multiple needs. On one hand, they should have experience across a variety of areas, including website development, app creation, product developing, testing, and more. On the other, they also have to be flexible. They have to be able to engage in any sliver of a project or complete it entirely.

Thankfully, TatvaSoft checks all of these boxes and more. They boost a massive project rooster, having completed more than 1,800 products in 36 countries. On their website, they also note that they have served numerous Fortune 500 companies.

When it comes to their experience in health insurance software development, the company is quick to note that they have worked on apps that involve the creation of Patient Portals and management of EHR/EMR records. They also have ample experience in the hospital industry and have worked with numerous insurance companies. All of this information can easily integrate and has enabled the company to develop the experience necessary to be a major player in software health solutions.


Tivix is another company that notes that they have a broad base of operations, working in both the United States, Asia, and Europe, thus giving them the ability to work with countries across the globe. The company is 12 years old and has 93 people working for it. As such, they have the depth and expertise to pull off a variety of projects. Their client list is also highly impressive, having worked with some of the biggest companies in the world - including Apple and Tesla - to some of the largest NGOs, such as UNICEF and the World Food Program. Of course, they don't only work with the big players, and the company boasts a large list of mid-sized clients.

This massive base of operations gives Tivix the experience they need to manage any insurance-related product. Their website notes that they have worked on numerous healthcare and insurance products. One such example is DoveMed, an app that allows individuals to easily locate the healthcare resources they need while also working with insurance options. It's worth noting that this project is one of several created by Tivix that integrates a webpage, app, and medical portal. 


itransition is another large software development company, with its very sleek website that boasts over 810 customers that run the gamut of industries. According to its website, the company has worked in dozens of different categories, with an extensive presence in the healthcare and insurance industries. 

The company's health care experience is notable. According to its website, the company has worked extensively in the area of creating custom healthcare solutions that integrate with third-party platforms. This is obviously hugely important when it comes to the development of a health insurance app, as any health insurance app must seamlessly integrate with medical and financial records that may be stored on another platform. itransition also specifically notes that they have worked in the area of medical practice and done work in insurance claims management. Their emphasis on mobile health and customer-relationship management ideally sets them up to do health insurance.


Seamgen differs from others on this list because of their focus: As they note on their website, their sole focus is on the development of Healthcare Apps. This allows them customized expertise in this specific slice of the app development industry.

As one would thus imagine, they have almost unmatched focus and experience in this area. They have developed apps that can help feed medical professionals vital information, give consumers access to health care portals, and help manage pharmacy benefits. All of this also feeds into their experience in developing health insurance apps. For example, they developed Aldera, an app that explicitly works with health insurance companies to redefine benefits and make sure that consumers were better aware of the benefits that they had access to. The app integrated with many other platforms, ensuring wide access and a broad benefit to all who downloaded it. 


Itexus is another broader company. Founded in 2013, it boasts 220 projects completed for more than 170 different clients. They also note that they have worked in numerous industries, but the top two that they list are healthcare and insurance. The specific areas that they note they have worked on are also important, as Itexus has done deep integrations of healthcare, digitalization of processes, and automation of workflows. They also have extensive experience in the area of claims management and policy management. These, of course, are two critical areas when it comes to health insurance. 

Software development can be extremely difficult under any circumstance. When it comes to working in the health insurance industry, those complexities increase significantly. The sheer amount of integrations that are required, platforms that must be managed, and laws that must be followed can often scare of reputable developers.

If you are developing a health insurance-related platform, you simply must take past experience into account. The five companies above have a proven track record at working on health care, insurance, or other apps. They have the resources necessary to complete your health insurance project.

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