Sony Strikes First: The Playstation 4 Will Cost Less than Xbox Games

Sony brought out their new weapons against Microsoft, to announce that its new PlayStation 4 console will cost $ 399 less than its competitor Xbox One

"The landscape of video games is changing with new business models and new ways to play," said Andrew House, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment.

The announcement of the price was not the only salvo fired against Microsoft at the launch of Sony in the annual industry trade show Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). The biggest applause for the company came when Jack Tretton, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, announced that the company would not try to restrict sales of used games. Tretton also said that the PS4 will not require a permanent internet connection.

Sony finally showed the world its latest creation, the PlayStation 4. The Japanese company first showed the design of its new console at the lecture he gave last night on the day before the opening of the E3 video game trade show in Los Angeles.

The PlayStation 4 will arrive in stores in U.S. and Europe later this year, just for the Christmas season, with a price of 399 euros, no less than 100 euros which is less than its main competitor, the Xbox One of Microsoft.

Although at first glance of the exterior is quite similar to the Xbox One of Microsoft-both consoles online banking on a rectangular black and color as well as in the price, the main difference between the two is on the inside.

Both the PS4 and the Xbox One mount an 8-core processor and have a similar graphical quality, but the Sony console will not force its users to be constantly connected to the internet or record your games obliged to use it.

In addition, Sony also will not impose restrictions on regional games or the use of second-hand, as if Microsoft has done.

A large catalog

During the speech, Jack Tretton, president of Sony America has announced that the PlayStation 4 will hit the market with a catalog of launching at least 20 titles, including exclusive games highlighted as 'The Order', developed by Sony Santa Monica, creators of the series' God of War ',' Killzone: Shadow Fall 'and' Drive Club.

The fans of another of the great sagas of Sony, 'inFAMOUS', must wait until the first quarter of 2014 to enjoy 'inFAMOUS: Second Son'.

In addition, the 'third party' celebrate the launch of the new PS4 console versions of titles like 'Diablo III', 'Watch Dogs' or' Assassin's Creed: Black Flag '.

Esquare Enix has also announced the development of new releases of two of its biggest titles - 'Final Fantasy' and 'Kingdom Hearts'-for PlayStation 4.

In fact, Tretton has taken chest and boasted that there are 140 games in development for Sony's new console and that 100 will be available "in the first year of life."

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