Sony WH-CH700N review: Perfect noise cancellation headphones under Rs. 15,000

There are many cheap to cheap and expensive to expensive headphones you can get in the market right now. From wireless connectivity, noise cancellation and many more features, Sony has brought WH-1000XM3 in the market. Priced at whooping Rs. 29,990, this pair of headphone is currently the best and advanced you can get in the market right now.

Sony has been working exceptionally well in the audio industry for a long time now. This is what helped them in making WH-1000XM3 so special. But, not many of the persons will love to spend this whopping amount of nearly thirty grand in a headphone, so the company also launched the half priced device named as Sony WH-CH700N at the price of Rs.12,990. Even you can also try out available Tata Cliq Offers Online to find best rates for Sony devise. You will get the same features like wireless connection, active noise cancellation feature and more. But, does this Sony WH-CH700N serves the purpose just like Sony WH-1000XM3? Let’s check out in the Sony WH-CH700N review below:

Design and specifications

Sony has come out with an over-the-ear design to cover the ears properly and give you noise isolating feel. 40mm dynamic drivers drive the headphones. The glittery finish on the outside gives it a good feel and touch. The ear cups get hinge design for better fit and making it flexible. Moreover, the headband is also there like every other headphone offers to get the best fit.

The left ear cup gets power and noise cancellation controls with Micro USB port for charging and 3.5mm jack for connecting the wire. The volume rockers and playback controls get the space to sit on the right ear cup.

Features like active noise cancellation, NFC and frequency range of 7-20,000Hz make this device more likable. Moreover, there is an app called Sony Headphones Connect for both iOS and Android users by which you can customize some settings and play with the earpiece.

Sony WH-CH700N supports aptX and aptX HD Bluetooth codecs too. Overall, it is a nice, comfortable fit for the ears with old Sony stereotypical design.

Battery Life

Sony never gave the exact numbers for the battery but they said that the battery lives up to 35 hours on a full charge with both active noise cancellation and Bluetooth. But, it has been evident that even the more expensive ones don’t show such caliber. Even Sony WH-1000XM3 offers this much. Though if the device gives 80 percent of what the company claims, then surely it is a super-hit. Surprisingly, the device did what the brand claimed- a classic battery performance.

Sony WH-CH700N lacks fast charging which many users might not like. Though the company claims that on 10 minutes of charge, you can get 60 minutes of usage, but a full charge takes over six hours. Agreed that the company gives a huge capacity battery life for long usage but the charging speed is like snail moving which you won’t like and will bother you a lot.


Sony WH-CH700N gives great, clear and noise-free audio when paired with phones, laptops or PCs. The fast beats and bass were the ones which hooked you to the audio track and make you stand on the toe- exciting stuff by Sony. The lows were pretty clear and could deliver the touch a user might expect from the song genre. The sounds were clear and soothing to ear- thanks to each and every detailing the ears can experience.

The sound quality is dependent on codecs though, but still, it was pretty clear and detailed. The Bluetooth switching gave the decent sound with good highs and lows you want to hear- just hit the spot and then flew away. Overall, the sound experience was really nice and sound- No complaints in that zone.

The noise cancellation feature is enhanced by artificial intelligence as per the brand. But, here comes the difference between Sony WH-CH700N and the expensive model- noise cancellation in lower mode isn’t as good as the expensive one. Although, it is not too bad either as you will get the silence effect a bit but not pin drop silence type. Just explore latest gadgets online with AliExpress Offers today to get best rates.


Sony has been producing over-the-ear headphones for a long time now. But, like every brand does- higher the price, the more you get from it. Sony’s this model called Sony WH-CH700N is not the complete active noise cancellation model as the higher model WH-1000XM does a far better job in noise cancellation than this one.

At the price tag of Rs. 12,990, the headset does average in noise cancellation but the sound quality is what that wins the heart and soothes the ears. Moreover, you might say cuss words to the old Sony design they must get rid of now but the sound and pricing washes it all away and steal the show. So, if you are looking at the headset up to Rs. 15,000 which you want to pair up with your smartphone, Sony WH-CH700N is the right choice for you

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