Sony Xperia Z Tablet Review-Specifications, Features & Price

It is an android system, it may have crossed Apple IOS as the likely smart phone tablet, but this tablet is armed with Google mobile operating system. It has a never ending supply. There are few things which match with the terms and conditions and sales of IPAD mini. It gives many reason to consider the Sony Xperia Z tablet, it is a full android phone. If you want to purchase tablet of full size but with the system of Google OS, then Sony Xperia is the best option for all those people. They can't go without this phone. If we purchase it we can experience we can experience best smart phone in Sony series. It gives stunning photos and videos in any type of light. It has a highest level of water resistance in it. It is the slim 7.9 mm smart phone with its reflective glass surface.


The overall design of this phone is beautiful and not similar to any other phone. The entire phone is completely black. The power button of this phone is in silver colour on the left side of tablet. It is also different form Ipad, in its design, view and functions. The all devices of tablet are covered like that like it is water proof such as head phone, USB, SD slots. Sony also had done a good job in protection of this tablet, because they also give protection internally and externally.


There is also a two speakers, it is placed side on the tablet. It is best for all those who are music lovers, they can listen in room or movie. It has a camera of facing of 8 mega pixel with the sensor of company Exmor R. This camera is good for all those who want to take picture with 10.1 inch tablet phone. There is no compatibility of this phone with any other tablet. There images are very soft, clear and colourful.


It's battery life is also good like other tablet. If you use medium generally you will get more days for using, and for charger. It can also be alive over night, it's battery can remain overnight because it has a power. But it is important for all those who use this type of tablet all the day, have to charge this tablet on time. It's battery time is very good, if use t carefully.


The features of this tablet gives a resolution of 1920*1200. This density is looks great on this phone and this size. The screen of this tablet is also provide good view, quality of this tablet is also brilliant. It has a processor of 1.5 GHz, which can handle this tablet easily, even when suffering, playing or whatever. Sony also added extra function in this tablet to make it more brilliant. It has windows application on the top of the full screen. They also included, images, music, songs from their own storage. It can be used in meeting, in college, in offices. It is ideal for every person.

Sony Xperia Z Tablet Price: Rs. 44,990.00, $900

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