Supreme Heroes for Android/iPad/iPhone-Review

Are you a freak of Strategy Games?? Then Supreme Heroes is the newest Role Playing Game in the market from Electronics Arts Inc.. After getting a tremendous response for Tetris Blitz, now company is delivering another Game Supreme Heroes for Android platform, as well as Supreme Heroes for iPad and Supreme Heroes for iPhone. This game is more likely a comic book style game in which you get a customize avatar.

The game is compatible with iPad 1 and 2, iPad touch 3rd and 4th, iPhone 3GS and 4, Android Platform etc. This review includes the description about developer, User Reviews, Customer Ratings and how to download Supreme Heroes Game for your Android / iPad/ iPhone.

Game Description

Same as the other stories, City Needs Heroes and you need to create a Superhero. This Superhero will fight against injustice and you get an amazing comic legend experience. The game includes many strategic card-style battles and tactics which you can learn by practicing game. The unique thing about this game is you can make your own Superhero.

·        Make your own Superhero

The game offers a unique option to make your own Superhero. You can customize your Superhero into unique avatar with many gear and costume options. As you move forward in the game you get collectible cards and equipment which increase your abilities.

·        Battles

Game has a common simple rule, more you kill the villains soon you get the astonishing powers. In Supreme Heroes game, Hero faces the battle with many villains in an epic showdown. You need to win such battles to get more powers and cards. You can also clash with other players in combat events to win prizes. Try to join some leagues where you can fight against enemies worldwide.

·        Be the Legend

Same Rule and Same Story, you need to achieve some missions to protect the city from villains. In this way you earn rewards and at last become a Paragon of Justice. You fight is against injustice, so it makes you a legend. You can join certain leagues and battles with your friends and have fun with this game.

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With this game you get lots of creative option to design your hero and daily events will make you a fan of this game. Overall, you get a High Quality fun with this game and soon you get addicted of it. Players get ability to customize their hero by selecting cards from the deck. While most of the games focus on multiplayer option, this game offers you both multiplayer and single player option. You can earn special rewards for you hero by playing it in single player mode, and in multiplayer mode you can try your luck in daily or weekly combats. Also you can join some groups called as “leagues” where you can fight as a team with your friends.

Supreme Heroes Game is applicable to run on any platform namely Android, iPad or iPhone. Whether you are an Android or a iphone/ iPad user, you can easily download and enjoy this game.

How to Download the Game?

You can download Supreme Heroes for free for Android, Supreme Heroes for iPad and Supreme Heroes for iPhone by using some guidelines mentioned below:

Download Supreme Heroes on Mac or PC:

  • In order to get the Supreme Heroes Game to your device, first you need to be register with iTunes.
  • Open your iTunes and go on the application page of Supreme Heroes.
  • Here you get a Download Button, Click on Download Button.
  • Now sync your iPhone or iPad with iTunes to install the Supreme Heroes Game.

Also you can download the game from iOS App Store, to download the game from iOS App Store just follow the few simple steps:

  • Open the App Store in your iOS based device.
  • Search for the Supreme Heroes Game.
  • Simply click the button to download.
  • Now install the app on your apple device and have fun with the game.

Download Supreme Heroes for Android Platform:

In order to download Supreme Heroes Game for your android platform you just need to follow some simple steps:

  • Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  • Search for the Supreme Heroes Game.
  • Select the App and simply click on the button of Install.
  • Within few minutes the App will install in your Android device.

Also you can click on the links mentioned below to download Supreme Heroes in your device:

Download Supreme Heroes for Android

Download Supreme Heroes for iPad

Download Supreme Heroes for iPhone

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