Take Your Breath Away: Tips on Capturing the Perfect Picture

Capturing the perfect photograph can prove to be elusive even for experienced photographers. And it can be even more challenging when you are trying to take a photograph outdoors.

Here are some tips for photographers of all levels to take better photos outdoors.

Choose Your Time Wisely

Outdoor photography is all about the lighting. Shooting in the middle of the day when the sun is out will rarely lead to beautiful photos.

Instead, time your photography for the early morning and evening. The light is far more interesting at these times, and the sun is lower in the sky creating natural shadows that add interest.

Get a Wide-Angle Lens

If you're interested in landscapes, you'll need a wide-angle lens to take better photographs. This is the best way to capture beautiful views, and you will simply be able to capture more of the amazing scenery you are looking at to create more dramatic and memorable photos.

Use Natural Reflections

Try to seek out natural reflections to add interest to your photos. For example, a lake can provide the perfect reflection of the mountains above. Seek out water and look for ways that you can use it to add drama to your shots, and create more interesting photos.

Get Up High

A new vantage point can make all the difference in your outdoor photographs. If there is a way to get up high, that could provide a new perspective to create an impressive shot.

Why not try taking a photo using a drone?

This is becoming increasingly common as the technology gets better and cheaper, and a photo taken by a drone can be very dramatic. If you're interested in experimenting with drone photography, here is a top list of camera drones to get you started.

Use Filters and Exposure Settings

Sometimes the perfect shot appears before you in the middle of the day with the bright sun bearing down. While this is not the ideal time to take photographs, you can make use of filters to capture a great shot.

A polarizer filter can be useful in this situation, as can a lens hood. You can also underexpose the shot by one stop to limit the effects of the harsh sunlight.

Seek Out the Smaller Details

Outdoor photography is often characterized by beautiful views of incredible landscapes. But also try to look for the smaller details. These smaller, often hidden, details can add more interest to your photographs.

They are the things that other people might miss, and they make your photos stand out from all the other landscapes. Try to look for something different that makes your photos stand apart.

Keep Your Camera with You when Out and About

Finally, make sure you keep a camera with you whenever you are out and about in the great outdoors. You never know when the perfect photo opportunity will present itself, and you want to be prepared.

Even if that just means carrying your smartphone with you, it's better to do that than miss out on that perfect shot.

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