Ten Worst Blog Usability Errors

Blog Usability is a very interesting topic that has become increasingly important in recent years.

Why usability is important in the blog?

Usability is a little bad tangible concept. Since many bloggers, use SEO, online marketing, etc.

It's nothing, but the usability of a website or blog to improve user experience.

Making good use of experience, ensures that readers to go through more pages. This brings them regular readers.

Usability is only a part of success. No one comes just for the usability again, if the content is bad.

Therefore, bloggers should try to avoid the following 10 errors - 10 Blog usability errors

1. Author missing info

Blogs are more than any other Internet service, which relies on a personal level. A blogger has to establish him-self and make a name for him-self. A blog that has been developed well and has personality will keep the connection with the readers strong. Therefore, you should write something about yourself and ideally add a photo.

2. Bad headlines

To write headlines is almost an art. Of course, this should arouse curiosity and attract attention.

However, it must also be clear and precise. It should be user-friendly. The headline should describe in short what your content is about.

3. Unfriendly navigation

The navigation of a blog is very, very important. Moreover, one should offer a simple and fast visual navigation category. In addition, the search function should not be forgotten.

4. No meaningful link text

Links within the blog should also be meaningful. The navigation should be immediately clear where this would lead the individual buttons. In addition, in the text, one should not "here's the way" or similar link, but use clear and distinct link texts.

5. Hidden items

Blogs are inherently structured chronologically. This also means that new readers can find poorly fitting old articles. Therefore, you should offer several options. Categories, search option, Sneeze Pages, and manual internal linking, etc. Even top lists of favorite products help you get new readers.

6. Comment Spam Protection

Spam is annoying, no question. However, it would be best not to punish the 95% honest reader. Captcha plugin cost just nervous and upset regular readers. Instead, there are good plugins residing in the background of the spam.

7. Standard RSS link

Many free standard themes do not care about the RSS feed link. One finds this then often at the bottom of the footer. Instead, you should put the RSS link above and make it immediately visible. Also, include a visible picture.

8. Only text

Many bloggers use only text. However, to make an impact, include images, videos and graphics to go hand in hand with you content. Often, a case is made possible by the visual presentation, which is clear.

9. Bad text formatting

This is a common problem, with contents that have no sub-headings and paragraphs, bad spelling, endless sentences etc. All of this contributes to the fact that texts are difficult to read and the usability suffers.

10. Poor load time

Of course the usability also suffers from the fact that pages need to load forever. On the other hand, it may load other parts of the page but other are not like graphics and videos.

A relatively fast loading page is very important for the positive use of experience of the reader.


Usability is a word often difficult to reach. One cannot break down in concrete things.

The 10 examples show that you can attach to specific points in order to improve the user experience of the reader.

This will make your contents visible by search engines never forget.

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