Tetris® Blitz for iPhone/iPad/Android/ Kindle Fire

“Tetris Blitz” is one of the most famous Games all around the world about millions of edition of this game downloaded each month. This is also known as digital puzzle; it is supported by iOS as well as Android and Kindle Fire. For each kind of operating system the graphics and display of the game changes but rules of playing this game remains the same. This game is developed by EA sports which are one of the most famous companies for mobile, tablet and computer games. Tetris® Blitz for iPhone and Tetris® Blitz for Android

Features of Tetris® Blitz:

  1. You can boost the reaction of trigger point with power-ups like laser, magnet and time shift.
  2. You can try the latest power-ups every week.
  3. By playing in frenzy mode you can earn double point and it will help you to break records.
  4. You can use various control options like “one-touch” or “swipe” and “drag and place”.
  5. You can have some mind blowing visual blast which will double the fun, while ending the game.
  6. If you are successful in clearing the board you will get reward like power-up bundles and pack of coins in bonus.
  7. You can also share your score with your face book friends.
  8. Tetris® Blitz for android is available in the android market.
  9. Tetris® Blitz for iPads, Tetris® Blitz for iPhone are available on Amazon.co.uk.
  10. Tetris® Blitz for kindle fire is also available.
  11. This game is released on 23rd may 2013 by EA sports.
  12. It was first available on Amazon.co.uk on the same date of its release.
  13. It got 4.1/5 starts from critics and the users.
  14. As far as Tetris® Blitz get release it come to 17th position on Amazon.co.uk. And it is available free on android market or play stores.
  15. Tetris® Blitz comes for iPhones, iPads, Android and Kindle fire.
  16. The size of Tetris® Blitz game is about 41.7MB.
  17. And the version available is the market is 1.0.2 and it is the latest one.
  18. This game is developed by Electronic Arts Swiss Sarl and marketed by EA sports.
  19. The minimum operating requirement for this game is Android 2.1 or IOS.
  20. It will take about 5 min to download this game with an average speed internet connection.
  21. Tetris® Blitz required following permission:

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Product details

Technical Details

  • Tetris® Blitz will access the information about the network.
  • Tetris® Blitz will access the information about the Wi-Fi network.
  • It will write the information on external storage of the device.

Product Description:

This is an amazing game you will forget your entire task while playing this, actually in this game you compete with the clock. You need to erase as many lines as you can in the given amount of time and as the time get finished your game will get over. Now this game is coming with all new graphics or visuals, new strategies, remarkable controlling system these all features combine to make  this game an must have application weather your device is android, iOS or kindle fire it will work on all. Most of the people say that this is a perfect game for mobile and tablets since it enhances the intelligent quotient of the player. This game has its own addiction it will not let you take your eyes away from the screen while you are playing this game. Tetris® Blitz for iPhone and Tetris® Blitz for android are amazing.

Breaking High Score:  by using the new features you can super charge your game and boost your point rate. These are power-ups like laser, magnet and time shift. Whereas these power-ups get updated every week so you can get something new every week.

You can share your scores with your friends on face book; there is a tournament which is organised every week so you can have the chance of winning every week.

Frenzy mode: by this mode you can earn double point with the help of explosive effect. You have to clear the lines back to back and get blown completely. The points count will increase at t high rates.

Tetris® Blitz game will run in iOS, android and kindle fire very smoothly this can be downloaded very easily. You just need to open play store on your android phone and search for the game this is available for free, so you don’t need to pay anything for this.  If you want to download Tetris® Blitz for iOS you can download it from Amazon.co.in.

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