The Important Aspects of Preparing for JEE

The Joint Entrance Exam is undoubtedly the most important examinations of your life. It is a gateway for any engineering aspirant. It is a crucial yardstick which decides whether you are eligible enough to pursue your vision or not. Most aspirants who are willing to become engineers desire to enroll in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) or National Institute of Technology (NIT). However, the approach to reserve a seat in IIT or NIT is certainly not a child’s play. It is an uphill task and you have to leave no stone unturned in achieving your target. The article discusses some of the vital tips on how you can prepare for the Joint Entrance Exams.

Preparing for JEE

Determination Dedication and Self Confidence

Whether you are planning to appear for the JEE Mains or JEE Advanced, the first and foremost element is the 3Ds namely Determination, Dedication and Devotion. In addition to these qualities, keeping your self confidence on a high note is extremely important. You are putting in a lot of efforts to qualify the exam but it is equally essential to have faith in your caliber. You should always study with a positive frame of mind and not allow the negative traits overpower your brain even for a moment. Always try to keep your vision alive. Keep your mindset calm and cool.

Set a Routine or Timetable for Study Hours

It is very important to set your schedule for the study. Set your hours according to your convenience. There are several candidates who prefer studying late in the night because they feel that there is absolute tranquillity in the atmosphere which increases their concentration level. Divide your time according to the subjects. It is essential to give ample time to each subject or topic. Analysing your strengths and weaknesses is quite pivotal. Your timetable should always include-

  • Practice your maths daily

Mathematics is a vital paper of JEE. Revise the important formulas on regular basis. You should keep the concepts crystal clear.

  • Complete the Course

You should always consider about completing jee mains syllabus well in advance so that nothing is left.

  • Avoid Selective Study

While preparing for jee mains 2016 better avoid selective study if you want to succeed in the exam. You never know what questions are awaiting in the exam hall.

Emphasizing on Key Concepts and Subjects

The most important subjects which you need to emphasize are mathematics, physics and chemistry. You need to primarily decide which topics are more important in comparison to others so that you can stress more on that. Go through jee advanced 2015 question paper to check whether there is any change in the format of question paper. For instance, you need to view how much weightage has been given to the theory portion and also the practical. Once your concept regarding the topics is clear, you will be able to solve any question paper quite easily and confidently.

  • Mark out Scoring Areas

You can mark out the scoring areas in the question paper. Of course, there will be choices. It is advisable to choose the questions wisely.

  • Strengthen your objective portion

Objective questions are always scoring. You need to strengthen that part such as the formulas and definitions.

Solve previous year paper

It is one of the most crucial aspects in the preparation of your JEE exam. By solving the previous year jee advanced 2015 paper or the sample papers you can solidify your preparation. This will not only help in reducing the stress and boost your confidence level but also help to analyze your weak zones. However, when solving the papers you should always be vary of the time management and complete it within the time frame. You can also take an online mock test from a number of websites.

Say Goodbye to Facebook or Whatsapp for a few days

If you are dead serious regarding your preparation of the JEE exams, then bid farewell to all those things which can distract you during studies such as Facebook or Whatsapp. Of course, you can take its help to ask questions or clear your doubts but not for unnecessary gossips.

It is equally important to have a good sleep at night and to remain fresh both mentally and physically.

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