The Secure Email You That You Deserve

Emailing. It is so easy to deliver a message to another place with little effort. As it has become an essential part of everyday life, we no longer consider it something special and tend to neglect security we need to take care of while sending information. Although negligent, there are developing teams across the globe who work to create secure spaces to send data. Do you want to know a little bit more about opportunities secure email sources provide? Then this compilation is for you!

1.      Utopia – free (Windows, macOS, Linux)

First comes Utopia. Group 1984 creates a truly innovative high-end software that will keep not only your emailing and chatting private but also make security and privacy on the Internet come true. The uMail Utopia is equipped with is created in a minute and guarantees a fully secure space to interact with the outside world. Besides communication, Utopia application supplies a platform for crypto mining, some other financial functions. You can enjoy Utopia and transmit your data while staying anonymous. Isn’t it a perfect contribution to your safety?

2.      ProtonMail – free, plus, visionary, professional (Android, iOS)

Proton technologies AG introduces a secure email application for mobile devices. The company establishes a safe peer-to-peer connection with no chance to someone else to steal your data. The info you are sending is decrypted only on your device which means that even the developers have no access to it. All the data is kept under the Swiss Federal Data Protection and the Swiss Data Protection Ordinance.

3.      ParanoidPI – free (through an invitation on the website)

Sometimes we become obsessed with online security. This is when paranoia arises (and makes you think more about conspiracy). And this is when Paranoid encrypted emailing service is ready to open its arms and lead you to the secure place of a private conversation. The Paranoid Team is, nevertheless, honest about the anonymity it provides. They don’t promise 100%-safety admitting that this is impossible due to some technical issues and anyone trying to prove it wrong is either a liar or a ‘con’.

4.      Onion Mail – free (in addition to Tor browser)

If you have already been using Tor browser, then you might have heard about this tool – Onion Mail. This email system runs on Tor network and ensures your security during email sending. It adds more confidence to your eavesdropping-free communication. With Onion Mail, no one will know who you are writing to, what you are writing, and whether you are writing at all (needless to say that the time and place also stay unknown for third parties).

5.      Mailvelope – free (extension for browsers, Android, iOS)

Another source of freedom and anonymous chatting is not exactly email service. It is a browser extension called Mailvelope. In addition to all already known security things that the above services provide that includes encryption, Mailvelope is an open-source. That means the source code is published and is available on GitHub to control at any time.

6.      CounterMail – free (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android)

CounterMail is an online email service. The creators of the system are worried about the growing number of leaks and breaches. And the way out to this problem is to use encryption that prevents information from being executed. The team has created the system that preserves your personal data from sharing or being sold. And they guarantee safe communication within their application.

It is you who are capable of making decisions about connections. Don’t let anyone intervene in your personal and business life. The secure email apps are a key to the world of privacy you deserve

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