The Sims 3 Island Paradise

Six months before EA announced about the expansion of its one of the popular game The Sims and in the month of June it has been launched. The Sims 3 Island Paradise is an ultimate expansion package, filled with so many new things to do and explore. Your Sims can now live in the huge world and whole story is around the new town, Isla Paradiso, which is a group of islands in the ocean. Unlike the previous versions of this game instead of using car for travelling everywhere, now you would have a ride on a speed boat to get from island to island. The one thing is very clear that the new Sims 3 Island Paradise will give you a new experience of Gaming.

Franchise of this game is ‘The Sims’ and still continue with their series The Sims. It is the tenth expansion pack from The Sims series. It is adventure-theme based game and enrich your heart with full of excitement. It runs on Microsoft windows, PC platforms. The main highlights of this game are new aquatic features, sailing and speed boating, new islands, house boat, scuba diving etc. It was released on 25th June 2013 but the features it got are definitely some of the best you have seen in the entire series.

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In the new feature they include house-boats, scuba diving, resorts, new life state-Mermaids etc.

  • Scuba Diving:  in this now you can dive deeper to find new treasures and swim underwater for certain locations. Enjoy the Scuba Diving experience in The Sims 3 Island Paradise.
  • Resorts: The game allows to build your own resort anywhere on both island and water.
  • New life-state mermaids: now Sims can become new playable supernatural being-Mermaid.
  • Speed-boats: now you can travel faster between islands with the help of speed-boats newly featured in the game.
  • House-boats: now Sims can live also at sea. With the house-boats Sims can travel on own build up house.
  • New career-lifeguard: from the lifeguard now Sims can protect those that swim in the water and save their lives.

With some more features you would love it that now you can cruising around an island paradise and managing your own resort even over the water.

But there are some features that you will hate like-restriction of underwater for some locations, some glitches and technical hiccups.

How to Download

For download The Sims 3 Island Paradise, just click on the link given below:

Here you get more information about this and get the Sims 3 Island paradise download option. By clicking on download option you will get some instruction to complete the download process. You can also take Videos tutorial of download the Sims 3 Island paradise.

Steps for download-

  1. To download the Sims 3 Island paradise click on download button.
  2. When you get your expansion pack installer simply follow the instruction to unlock your download.
  3. Save the file and open it.
  4. After tools open simply follow the given instruction.
  5. After this you will setup wizard, simply read instruction and finish the setup process.
  6. After doing correct steps, you will have completed the installation process. Then you can access it.

About The Game

Ocean Life is the theme of this game which makes it more adventurous and exciting. Here Sims can create his own huge world around sea. Same story again as you play more you will able to find new islands and you can unlock new visits. It offers many attractive features that you would love, soon you will get addicted and would not move anywhere. It has so many series earlier but this comes with several interesting features that make it even better from earlier series. Here Sims comes with new possibilities which were not available in previous versions of it. With some additional features, now Sims can do underwater diving spots for treasure but underwater is work only certain locations and underwater areas are not more expansive as others. There is not too much to do besides collect shells until your oxygen get empty or runs out.

You can build homes over the water and also you can design your house boat through buy and build modes. From this feature you can bring your house over house-boat when switching to other island and live your life even middle of the sea. For this they provide you blueprints to quickly build up your house without knowing too much detail. From this you can create attractive design, furniture, house-boats etc.

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