Three things You Need to Get Started with Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most powerful and effective ways to grow your business, but there is a lot of trial and error along the way to success. There are a few fundamental things you need to know to get started. The following are among the most fundamental.

Buy a mailing list

This is obvious, but what is not so obvious on how to obtain one. One of the basic strategies is to buy a list of names. There are companies that have huge databases of email addresses of people categorized by their interests, so you can purchase a list of names relating to your product. For example, if you are selling fishing lures, you may be able to find a list of people who subscribe to a certain fishing magazine or have purchased fishing products in the past. This method can be profitable, but it is a bit of a gamble. Often the best way to approach this type of list is to run a sample of the list to determine its effectiveness before buying the entire lists. Some companies offer this type of service.

Build your own list

This is a time tested way of producing the most effective lists. You advertise a product and ask for a name and email address. After you get this, you then attempt to sell the prospective customer on your product at a later time. Of course, this takes advertising, and you will also need to entice someone to sign up for your list. The most common and successful way to do this is to offer something free. A good example of this is free information in the form of an ebook that relates directly to what you are selling. Most people who want this ebook will also be people who are interested in your product, so you are building an extremely high quality list of prospective customers.

Special software

Along with advertising and having a free gift available, you will need software. When people sign up for your list, you will need them to confirm that they want to be on your list. This is called opting in . Basically, once they give you their name and email, an email message is sent to them for confirmation. This process serves to confirm their email. Their name and email is added to your list, and you can make available the ebook or other gift to them. Much of this can be accomplished with autoresponder software. This type of software offers other capabilities such as creating newsletters. It can also help to manage your subscriber list. As your list grows, some of the emails will no longer be valid. Deleting them will keep your list current and more productive.

Everything mentioned above can all be taken care of by a company that offers email marketing campaign services. The emails can be sent out for you at the exact time you specify. This is an important service because as your list grows, contacting everyone on your list can be a daunting task. Having someone to do all of the work for you can save you a lot of time and energy that could otherwise be devoted to other aspects of your business.

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