Three Tricks to Scalar Positions in SEO and Social Network

In the digital age is well known to impact both the quality and quantity of the content of a website, to climb ladders in the ranking of search engines. In fact, Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, has given way to new business opportunities for companies that are devoted entirely to this work, since it was an essential tool for digital marketing and, incidentally, it was relatively easy to influence, either using applications or tricks like using keywords in our articles.

We say "was" because the increasing role of social networks has changed the horizon, forcing us to most approaches to review our SEO strategy. So much so that today it is more effective to pay as much or more attention to Facebook and Twitter that SEO's duties. The changes have been so significant that it is no longer hire an engineer that will attract Google bots, but about connecting with our target audience to arouse interest about our brand and enhance our visibility way digital.

But make no mistake, SEO is still of great importance in achieving visibility and generate traffic, however the total traffic to our website will be less if we have no activity on social networks. In fact if we are able to generate quality content on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and / or LinkedIn, these networks will become the main gateway key contacts.

But before this relatively new landscape we can do? Very easy CONNECT CONNECT CONNECT. As it is not as easy as it sounds.

We leave some tips you possibly clarify doubts and help you improve your SEO strategy.

Current content Gallery Post

If you think a moment, you'll notice lately that you find important news through Twitter, even before traditional media. The latest topic you cover your post get more visits since the hottest topics are the most sought and shared. We prefer items that exceed the transience of fashion or the first fruits.

Post on social networks often

It's not about writing occasionally on your website, whether corporate or not, but you also have to publish regularly in social networks that best meet your communication strategy. In our article "Hook your audience through the content" we leave some tips that surely will support you in this entertaining, but very demanding task.

Know your audience and give them what they really want

When you share favorite content for your audience, the more social you to get more likes, shares, tweets and retweets. Caring for the social influence of your posts will result in higher Google rankings.

Yesterday it was enough to be present, then to do SEO. Today you need all of the above, in addition to doing a good job of community management. Each day, the demands are greater and there you are: There is nothing written in stone, let alone in bytes.