Download and Install Tinder on your PC/Desktop

Tinder is a popular dating application which is loved by people of all ages around the world. it allows people to find their perfect date. The application has helped people find a suitable date. In this application, users need to write personal information about themselves and post their picture in the form of a profile. People who are interested in finding a date can download and install Tinder for PC Computer or mobile. Once the application has been downloaded, one can browse the profile of other users on the internet and can either swipe left or right on their profile. If you are interested in someone’s profile then you need to swipe right and if you don’t like the profile then you can pass it by swiping left. The application is free to download and install on Android or iOS platform and has created a lot of hype among people across the internet.

Tinder is a widely used as a dating application on phone mainly because the baseline of this application was released for Mobile software platforms like Android or iOS. However, viewing the profile on phone can be little confusing as you may not be an active phone user or not able to view the picture details properly over the phone. Not only this, sometimes Tinder can also accidentally start in your phone while keeping in the pocket and start swiping left or right. In such cases, it is better to download and install Tinder for PC. Many people believe that this application is not available for PC but it is not true, instead one can easily install Tinder for PC by simply following simple steps mentioned below.

How to Download Tinder for PC?

In order to install an Android software on your personal computer, you need to first install an emulator software like Bluestacks or YouWave. The purpose of an emulator is it lets you download and install any type of Android software on your PC by simply following simple steps.

  1. First, you need to download YouWave or Bluestacks installer package on your personal computer or laptop from where you want to access Tinder. You can easily access the emulator software from online free download sources available on Google or any other browser.
  2. Once the emulator software has been downloaded, you can simply click on the installation file and install the emulator software on your PC/laptop by following the on-screen instructions available. You can also choose a free trial option to get access to the free version or choose the paid version if available.
  3. Once the emulator has been downloaded, you need to open the emulator software like You Wave or Bluestacks on your device.
  4. Search for the Tinder application on your emulator device and click on Install.
  5. Tinder application will be installed on your PC and once the installation is complete, you can open the application and start accessing Tinder on your PC or Laptop.


Tinder is a popular dating app available to download and install on Android or PC platforms. You can download and install this app by simply following steps mentioned above.

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