Top 10 Reasons to Use Wechat, Competition Whatsapp Messaging and Line

WeChat is an instant communication platform which already has over 300 million users worldwide, more than Line, and has come in recently.

WeChat offers, free of charge, send voice messages, videos, images and text, is available in 17 languages, and after reaching Blackberry in the last week of March is now available for all platforms. But, with the alternatives on the market, why use WeChat?

  1. It's free: Installation, use and WeChat download is free. Uncertainty about the license expiration is something that should never happen with this platform, unlike Whatsapp.
  2. His voice chat: Besides text messages, WeChat offers a high quality option for voice chat tool Push to talk, like a Walkie Talkie. This is a great alternative if you want to communicate long messages.
  3. Video Chat: The quality of the video calls is another added value of WeChat. You can talk with face-to-face in a very easy and comfortable way. In addition, the user can switch between voice and video dynamically, without having finished the call online.
  4. Features groundbreaking: WeChat is interactive. As such, it allows you to build applications. The most popular features are the connection WeChat by Facebook profile, share moments, be it photos, text and URL links with friends, you can contact others in other parts of the world that are shaking the terminal at the same time and begin to chat, find people close to chat, it is handy when you're bored at the airport, waiting for the next flight, has a drift bottle, which includes a virtual message in a bottle being thrown into the sea to meet new people from worldwide; but especially notable Web WeChat, you can chat with anyone from a computer.
  5. Emoticons on demand: Apart from encouraging their chats with a great selection of emoticons, WeChat allows users to download emoticons from online folder or choose your own from the album of your phone. With what was faced directly with the stickers of Line.
  6. Respect user privacy: Centre WeChat, the user no longer has to report to other users if connected or off and if the message was sent or not. In fact, each contact cannot see the number of mobile users.
  7. Do not bother: There are cases in which the user does not want to receive notifications of messages, especially when busy. The only option you have is to disable the internet connection on your device, which means the loss of other applications. WeChat now allows the option to disconnect without losing other applications.
  8. Ability to choose who to contact: Other platforms allow anyone with a user number; send a message, though he did not know. WeChat, again respecting user privacy, calls for the approval of the same before you can post a message. In short, the users choose who to connect.
  9. Transparency: WeChat stored data statistics regarding use, allowing you to review them in an easy way.
  10. The contacts, be safe: WeChat allows you to back up your calendar in the cloud, so that the user could retrieve the contacts quickly and easily, in case of loss.

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