Top 4 Android Games Available for PC


Can we forget those days, when Android was not a part of our lives.?? I think..Never.!! Simple phones, without touch-screen when multimedia and internet browsing feature were a very big thing for us. But, Android transformed the technology to the upper level of thinking, and multimedia phones changes into smart-phones. Android revolutionized the gadget world and now it is being an unattached part of human life. The influence of Android is not only up to the smart phones, but they are also reaching to the PC and computers. After playing stunning games on your android devices, now it’s time to know about “Android Games Available for PC”. After spending Rs.30000-40000 if still you can’t play your favorite Android games on PC then it’s not sounds good. So, here we have detailed information about the Android Games Available for PC in the below section.

Angry Birds

Android Games Available for PC

The most amazing and popular bird is available for your PC also and it comes on first position in our list of Android Games Available for PC. After making crazy millions of people on their smart-phones now you can enjoy this game on your windows7 or 8 platforms also. With this Android game we all are familiar; the whole story is you have to destroy the castle using shots of birds. The graphics of the game are awesome and it makes people addictive. This time you are going to enjoy the experience with your mouse. So, enjoy your favorite android game on PC.

Jazz: Trump’s Journey

Jazz Trump’s Journey

Jazz: Trump’s Journey is the most amazing game that beautifully blends the retro art with New Orleans Jazz. The game is very popular for its simplicity and soundtracks. The game is available for Windows 8 platform and is occupied the second place in our list of Android Games Available for PC. In this game you need to find more members to join your game and at each level complication get increased. It is very interesting game and you wouldn’t realize how many hours you spend while playing it.

Radiant Defense

Radiant Defense

The next android game is a sort of strategy or defense game where you need to fight with aliens. Sounds interesting…yeah.!! This game is not so popular but all you will appreciate is about beautiful graphics and challenging game play. The story is not so much interesting and weapon description is not easy to get. Thus this game is a number 3 on our list of Android Games Available for PC.

Temple Run

Temple Run

If you are an Android user then there is no possibility that you still unaware of Temple Run, after making the whole world crazy or I would say addictive this game is available for your PC too. Temple Run is a game designed by Imangi Studios, in this game the player steals something from a temple and tries to run and demonic creatures chase him. Now, he has to cross as many hurdles and obstacles as he can. Otherwise they will kill him. So, this wonderful game grabs the name in our list of Android Games Available for PC.

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