Top 5 Android Best Action Games - Free Download

Action Games - the most addictable and interesting stuff for mobile users. Maximum Android gamers enjoy playing action games on there high end Android Devices. In this post i will be suggesting the best 5 action games which you people will love playing them. Before discussing about the top rated games, first let us know on which mobile phones it supports. To enjoy these games, the device must contain 1 GB or more ram for uninterruptable  game play. The games which are listed below are selected by our team after testing them on different devices with different people .

1. Grand Theft Auto 3 :

This will the top most android game till now. As we know GTA is the most popular game on computers, As the GTA 3  released to Android devices one year back but still the interest towards this game has never dropped by the users. In this the main attraction towards the game are the different characters and the HD resolution. It even supports the game pad which makes easy in playing the game. Over all the GTA 3 will be the no 1 action game on Google play. The price is around Rs.170

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2. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Incredible action game on Google Play. The game which takes to you another world. The gaming lovers will enjoy this game without any doubt.  You will feel the story while you play the game dramatically. You feel like you are in the battle field. The fps of this game is too high, which makes it to look amazing. The noticeable factor is that multiplayer is available for this game. This game cost around Rs.390 on Google play

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3. Dead Trigger :

This is the visually stunning zombies games with all 3D characters which makes you feel amazing. This game is completely available for free. Dead Trigger brings you an lively experience where you can see the blood coming out of zombies which looks real. The game consists of different levels as they will get unlocked as the you play. Superb ragdoll effect which make you trill. The game runs on high end devices minimum ram requirement is 512 mb with dual core processor. You can download this game completely for free.

4.Blood & Glory

This can be considered as the best action game along with gta3 and dead trigger. When we compare with other games, the Blood & Glory concept is completely different. Where you will be fighting with swords and you kill the enemies you can increase your capabilities. The graphics of this game are very much fascinating and incredible. This game won't run on the devices below 1GB ram. As we tested on different mobiles, the devices with or more than 1GB ram can enjoy this game without any lag. This marvelous game is also available for free download on Google play.

5. Max Payne Mobile

One more game from the Rockstar Games. This is also one of the best and award winning game on pc at the times of 2008. After that next two versions also released for the pc. But the Max Payne Mobile is for the Android devices where you can find the maximum features as which are available on pc. There is also the option for slowing down the time as we do on pc. The display is sharp with HD and the controls of this games are highly  customizable and user friendly. You will get addicted towards this game for sure. This game is available on Google Play for Rs.110 which is worth to buy this.

So, these are the best 5 games on Android. For any quires or doubts about installation or the game play feel free to ask below in comments.

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