Top 5 Android Browsers for Better Internet Surfing


Hello friends, in today’s trendy everyone is having a nice Android Device and A good internet connection but the people are not having the exact knowledge about the mobile internet web browsers. In this article I am going to give you the correct knowledge about the Android Mobile internet web browsers and will tell you which one is the best browser to use for better surfing and better experience. I will tell you the better 5 android browsers in android market and the best android browsers which I will recommend you to use. The other info is given below.


Android Browsers

You all know that Firefox is a very famous web browser for pc/laptops as well as for Android Smartphones you can play Android Games Available for PC on firefox ;this is a very famous and well known web browser. Let me tell you the features of this web browser, It is having a smart feature of opening separate tabs, The advantage of this feature is you can work on many things at a same time, the second best feature of this browser is that it is having a very smart feature of doing private surfing, This feature will let you work privately, No caches, No saving of password and not even the history will create because of this smart feature.

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Opera Mobile/ Mini

Opera Mobile

This is a very well-known browser, especially for mobile;if you have ever used this browser on pc then I am damn sure that you will love this browser on your Android Smart phone too. This browser is having very smart features like find the word in a page, see the downloaded items, clear cache, Full page browsing, HD photos surfing, Quality page opening (for 3G connection) and many more fabulous features, This browser is free of cost, You should thanks the developer of this browser.



Chrome, I am sure you might have used this browser in your PC/Laptop. You should try to use this chrome browser in your phone also. It gives the fabulous speed of surfing and a better experience to go through social media. In this browser if you will open Facebook then you will get a very cool experience of Facebooking with your friends as this chrome gives special Facebook feature of chatting with your friends. Just install once you will never get a feeling to delete it.

Boat Browser

Boat Browser

This boat browser will give you the awesome feeling of surfing on internet. You will feel like you are surfing and driving a boat, exactly the browser is having very nice features and the images are compressed so you can get the fast page loading time. You should use it, You will love it at first use like love at first sight.

Dolphin browser

Dolphin browser 1

A very well-known browser in London, A common web browser is a good web browser. I am not saying that it is having a coolest features but trying something new is not bad. The features in this browser are common to all other browser, the main advantage of using this browser is it do not take much memory. It is very lite software. I hope you will give a try to it.

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