Top 5 Android HD Games for Better Gaming

As you all know that most of the people buy Android Devices for gaming only. If you are also a gaming geek then you should have these Top 5 android HD games for better gaming. These HD games will gain the attraction of other people as well as yours. The games are very heavy, so you should have an Android Device having 1GB or above RAM. If you have a very high quality Android Device then your games will work very smoothly. I hope you will love the games that I have mentioned in this article Top 5 Android HD Games for Better Gaming. Kindly Read the full Article if you want the Full knowledge.

Top 5 Android HD Games for Better Gaming

Angry Birds Star Wars

As you all have played the First version of Angry Birds, Some of you might have played the second version also but this is the Newest and the latest version from Angry Birds media. The game is named as Angry Birds Star Wars. The game contains a lot of fun. You will be having a great time with this game. This is a free of cost game.

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Temple Run

This is the most famous game loved by all Android Device Owners.  When I installed this game in my phone I just felt so nasty that this is very much interesting game and I was not aware of this famous game, Most of my friends are still playing this game. Some of them has made a high score and got ranked by the official site of temple run. You can get it for free from the web.

Dead Trigger

This game is just awesome. The developer of this game has mostly focused on the adventure. The game is full of fighting, Firing, Shooting and many more exciting things in it. This game is having two versions. One is paid and other one is free. In paid version you will be getting some more gadgets and weapons but I will recommend you to try free one first. If you got the free one interesting then you can buy the paid one also.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

The most famous and known game. This game is loved by the car racers. I have also played this game. It is having a very nice gaming structure. The game is having different type of cars, laps, maps, tools, Upgrading’s, Visuals and many more interesting things. I am not going to revel all the things and speciality about this game because if I will revel all the things here than your excitement will get down. Just install the game and play; I am damn sure you will love it.

Temple Run 2

As I told you that Temple Run is interesting game but this second part of temple run is very interesting, adventurous and many more exciting this are there in game. You will get different type of laps and other upgrading add-ons, This game is having 2 player in it one is a boy and other one is a girls but you can also purchase the other runners by spending your points and called the best Top 5 Android HD Games for Better Gaming.

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