Top 5 Android Health Apps That Will Maintain Your Health

In today’s world almost everyone are health conscious. If you want to be in perfect shape then these apps will definitely help you. Good health is a real jewellery of life. Health is most precious thing for every person. You need not to step out of your home and spend thousands of money on health and fitness. You  just  need  to  do  is  download  free  apps  on  health  and  fitness  from  your  android  mobile device. These all apps are available on android market. These all apps works as a real personal trainer for you. Some of the top 5 android health apps are given below.


This app is available for free on android market. If android developer provides it free for us then we should be smart enough to use this app because this app is free of cost. This app helps us to maintain or burn our calorie. It’s very simple to use. You just need to download this app from your android market.


  • Get instant result.
  • Exercises available.
  • Search for calorie burn food.

RUNKEEPER – GPS Track run walk

This app work as a personal trainer for you. You can say that it’s a pocket size app. You can set your running,walking, biking and cycling time and put your phone in your pocket using headphones which will help you to give audio cues.


  • Measure your performance.
  • Get notified during exercise
  • Update your weight.


It is a top rated health and fitness app. This app will work as a sports tracker .With the help of this app you can calculate your performance and workout. If you want to maintain your health and fitness then download this app today only. It’sfree.


  • Works as a sports tracker
  • Keep stored data of your daily running performance.
  • Works as a distance calculator.


Next Top 5 android health apps is Push Ups. This app will also work as personal trainer. This app helps you to set your time and can do continuous push ups as 25 , 50 , 75 , 100 in a systematic manner . Enables us to doing push ups in a systematic manner is all about push ups health and fitness app.


  • Works as a real personal trainer
  • You can adjust your timings accordingly
  • Also you can measure your performance


My  track  enables  you  to  record  your  speed , distances , way etc. while doing exercises such as running , walking , biking , cycling . with this app my track  you can store your track with Google map which will provides you to share tracks with friends and can see  the tracks  of your  friends. Top 5 Android Health Apps My Track uses GPS sensors in your mobile devices to record the geographical areas.


  • Best tracking app with Google integration
  • Stores daily workout data
  • Works with the help of GPS sensors in your device.

I hope you would be having a very nice and smart body structure by using these useful apps.

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