Top 5 Best Games Of 2016 For PlayStation 4

Last year was absolutely an excellent year for some quality type of games, now 2016 is going to end, so many games were released this year for Play Station 4. And as you all know, games for consoles aren't cheap; there are many games which look awesome trailers, posters, etc., but in actual such sucks big time. You may end up spending your hard earned money on something which is not worth at all. So we've made a list of Top 5 Games For PS4 which will help you to choose the best game and is worth spending. Let's not waste any more time, let's jump into the list right away.

Top 5 Best Games Of 2016 For PlayStation 4

1.  Far Cry Primal: Far Cry is one of the best and the most popular gaming franchise in the gaming industry. Far Cry Primal is set in 10,ooo B.C when there were no guns or vehicles. You will have to deal with your enemies using spears, arrows, and other ancient tools. The game looks so realistic and delivers a lot of fun; Ubisoft has really done a great job. The whole far cry fans community is amazed by this game, just try the game and experience the ancient living style.

2. Dying Light: Dying Light is a zombie genre game which was featured in many Top 5 Games lists. There's nothing much to complain about graphics of this game, but the game was lacking some core functions, later the developers has launched the DLC which made Dying Light the best zombie game. The DLC has significantly improved the game's mechanics and a slight improvement in visuals. You can also drive buggies in this game and have fun by smashing those ruthless zombies.

3. FireWatch: Initially the game was not able to grab much grip in the market, so it took a lot of time to release. Luckily the game is available now on PS4, in the game you will be playing the character named Mr Henry who sacrifices his life and works as a fire lookout, your mission is to look for the sign of life in the wilderness and keep the area safe, your only way to make out of there is by contacting a lady called Delilah who is a supervisor, getting in contact with her is not easy at all, you'll have to find your way to her on your own.

4. Unravel: Unravel is a unique and one of the most satisfying game ever made for PS4, in the game, you'll be playing the role of Yarny made up of yarn. You need to solve the puzzles which could be quite difficult to solve at certain times, the game has its own unique mechanics which makes it as the best game for PS4.

5. OverWatch: OverWatch has created ripples in multiplayer gaming genre, the game has gained a lot of fans and there's a pretty cool community around it. OverWatch has it's own unique taste and mechanics which makes it more appealing and cool. Try this game out, if you're looking for some action packed multiplayer game.

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