Top 5 Best RPG Games For Android

There are many types of games out there in the market, especially for Android devices like First Person Shooter, Third Person, Arcade, Tactics based games and much more. I personally like playing RPG games and their popularity increases as the days are passing. In case if you don't know what RPG game is or don't know which games are known as RPG games then keep reading this article, because I'm going to explain the meaning of RPG and some of the best RPG games which you should definitely check out.

RPG stands for role playing game which means you can assume the characters in the game and you will be responsible for the things you do in the game, in simple words it's a decision-making game, and the result could be anything. Winning or losing depends on the decisions you take in the game.

Top 5 Best RPG Games For Android

1. Star Wars (Kotor): Star Wars is a game which strikes first in my mind whenever I hear the word RPG. In the game, you'll be playing the role Jedi Knights who was thrown in the battle of vengeful siths. You need to keep upgrading your player continuously to become an expert and to dominate your enemies. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best games to kill and delivers a lot of fun.

2. Dungeon Hunter 5: The previous games of Dungeon Hunter series remarkably incredible, and also it is the most popular game franchise in google play store. The story of the game is pretty straight forward, the word is in dangers, and only bounty hunters can bring the peace the now. You will be fighting with fearless monsters and dragons in the game in order to bring the peace to the world. Go ahead and try this game.

3. Final Fantasy VI: Final Fantasy is the highest selling franchise developed by japanese developers. You will classes up to 14 in this game, every character and class have their unique powers and feature. One of the best sword game I must say, you have to choose classes wisely as every character or class is not suitable for all situations. Make your choice and jump into the battle.

4. Kritika: The White Knights: Excellent game and work by gamevil. Players will have to compete at different levels in the different atmosphere to fight the evil monsters and dragons. The game is pretty fast paced but delivers a lot of fun, and your fingers should be fast while pressing the buttons.

5. Vice City: Vice City has now become pretty old but still it holds the pitch in mobile gaming. You can do whatever you want in the game, it's a massive open world game where you can kill people, complete missions, you can do stunts, side missions and a lot more. You can even play this game on low end mobiles, and i recommend this game to everyone out there who want to kill the time in a fun way.

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