Top 5 Desktop Apps for Windows 7 free Download

Theses are the apps which you get for free but necessary software's on windows 7. The listed software's are the top 5 most useful  apps for windows 7. These apps deals with all our basic requirements which we use them in our daily life, like for watch media files or to clean or operating system and etc.. These are the regular things we do. So the list below will help to get the best free desktop apps for windows 7.

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1. The vlc Player

This is the top most media player for computers. Vlc is such an app which is necessary and unique audio & video player. Where the looks of the player is very simple with maximum features. It is capable of playing every format, even 1080p without any lag. There are some interesting features like you can do live streaming using this vlc player. The exciting thing to be noticed is, it is completely available for free.

 2. Picasa :

The best photo viewer app for windows 7 which is completely available for free. This app makes the pictures look more beautiful. While photo viewing you can select your desired transactions and the way it zoom in and zoom out makes you feel amazing. You can create albums for free and its very easy to share pics with your friends.  The privacy settings provided by Google gives you assurance about security of your images.

3. Google Chrome :

In the present internet world the war between the browser's has increased abundantly. Before chrome entered the browsers battle Firefox is the only browser which is on top level.But once chrome released by the Google changed all the statistics dramatically. Speed loading of web page's, simple design where you can sink browsing history including password bookmarks etc made it to reach top position.

4. Adobe Reader :

This is an professional software where is helps you to read and create pdf files. This is much needed app in list of free apps for windows 7. The beauty of this software is that, you can change the view of the text or the picture according to your requirement and it is also very simple for creating a .pdf file. This free windows app is also available for mobile phones. The main thing to be noticed about this application is that it is available completly  for free, where you need not pay single penny.

5. Ccleaner

This software is needed for the people who has low config  in there pc. The Ccleaner  helps you to remove the unwanted files and also to stop the unnecessary background process which are making your pc to work slowly. Actually the name of this app will directly give an clear idea what it will do. So, this is a cleaner of the pc which removes the trash and junk files which are not at all useful for the windows 7. While using this software you can select the files which you want to delete like, it differentiate all the different process. For browser data, windows OS background data, System files, so in these you can remove all the unwanted files with single click. The interface is user friendly where you don't need to learn how to use it.

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