Top 5 Educational Sites

Top 5 Educational Sites to Learn Coding

Top 5 educational sites to Learn coding

Every beginner is wondered where and how to start coding. Here your search ends, these are 5 most useful, free and efficient sites to learn coding online for absolute beginners, intermediate learners and experts to become more professional.

1. Code Academy

Code Academy was launched by Zach Sims and Ryan Bubinski, sim is a Columbia university drop out in august 2011. Code Academy offers its user a free training in almost about 9 different languages using a interactive platform. The languages include PHP, JAVA, JAVA SCRIPT, RUBY, J QUERY, ANGULAR JS, PYTHON and other MARKUP languages like HTML and CSS. The user who want to learn has to just signup with his unique mail id and then he user will be able to access the courses. It also provides the user to give Feedback and it offers Badges on completion of the course. It is the first recommended site to learn from Scratch.

2. Udemy

Udemy is another e-learning website that offers free and premium courses to learn code. It was found by Eren Bali in 2010. Udemy also offers the chance to upload the courses using its course development tools. It covers almost all the core and advance coding languages in computer science. It not only offers computer science courses but also includes courses related to different fields such as arts, health, digital marketing, music etc.


It is a well known site for many of the oline educational users, it is known for its unique feature code while u learn. It offers courses for many different languages such as JAVA, SQL, PHP, HTML etc. It is recommend site for beginner level student.


This is a awesome and one of my favorite websites i recommend for every type of student who want to learn to code. It consists of many different video courses related to many different categories. It consists of huge variety of computer science courses and languages from scratch to professional level coding. It was found by Bucky Roberts he was also a school dropout.

5.Khan's Academy

Khan's Academy was found by Salman khan an educator in 2006 so as to provide everyone a hassle free and easy way learning new courses. It also consists of many different video tutorials to learn for different type of students i.e beginner/ intermediate/ expert levels.

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