Top 5 Essential WordPress Plugins For Blogs

Most of the bloggers or the ones who are thinking to start their blogging journey choose WordPress because it is one the one and only CMS (Content Management Service) which significantly reduced the software's cost. WordPress can do many wonders if you know how to utilize it in a proper way. Plugins play a significant role in a WordPress to enhance your blog's performance. As days are passing, loads of plugins are released in the market which isn't much beneficial to a blog. You will see hell lot of plugins getting promoted over the internet, but only a few of them works well and gives satisfactory results. Today I will be sharing Top 5 Essential WordPress Plugins from those lists.

Top 5 Essential WordPress Plugins For Blogs

1. Akismet: If your blog is open for all to do comments, there's a high chance of bot comments on your blog. In simple words, bot comments are spam. Akismet will help you to avoid getting bot comments. And it is completely free to download and use. Install the plugin and follow the simple on instructions provided by the plugin to get started.

2. Yoast Seo: Yoast Seo comes very handy when you are optimizing your content to get organic traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Yoast Seo analyzes the way of content written, and will provide instructions to make your content super SEO friendly. Most of the pro bloggers use this plugin to improve theirs on page SEO.

3. W3 Total Cache: Google loves blog which is having good loading speed. It's hard to optimize a new blog to load much faster than previously it used to and only experts can do it. I recommend installing W3 Total Cache plugin on your blog to optimize your blog's loading speed.

4. WP Google Analytics Dashboard: In my opinion, every blog should have analytics account to analyze the behavior of visitors. Nowadays, it's quite common getting bot views or spam traffic from different sources. In such cases, analytics will help you to identify them and will also help you to block them. You can do a lot more things like where the traffic is coming, what your visitors are viewing and how much time they ar spending on your blog etc.

5. Wp- Backup: Wp-Backup is one of the useful, and a must have plugin for a WordPress blog. According to me, you shouldn't be taking the risk of losing your valuable content. Wp-Backup will make a backup of your whole blog which can be used to import the content later. Just install the plugin and configure it to avoid a content loss which may occur at any point.


The list of plugins which I mentioned are very essential and every blog must install them to secure their blogs. Hope you liked the article, if you're facing any issues or having doubts then please free to comment them below.

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