Top 5 Video Games Which Are banned And Why

Almost all game developers are trying to create or take games at an insane level like adding extremely violent content or adult content. Developers should create games which are fun to play and stays in the limits of censorship; there are a few games which are banned in some countries due to its pathetic story which might affect the kid's mind. The aim of developers nowadays is more likely to sell the game and make a hell lot of money, instead of delivering something phenomenal. Here are the list of 4 cartoony type games that are banned and the reason behind the ban.

5 Video Games That Got Banned And Why

1. ManHunt: The reason behind the prohibition of ManHunt is because the game's extreme amount of brutality which might affect the brains of new generation kids. ManHunt is currently banned in UK, and also it is illegal to sell this game in the country. Don't even think of downloading this game through torrents,

2. Postal 2: There is no game in the industry which pushes brutality as hard as Postal two does. The game is banned in Zealand if anyone found selling or owning a copy of this game should have to pay a fine of 1,400$. The game consists extreme animal cruelty, racial elements, high impacting violence, urination and much more. Even the ones who played this game had disliked it.

3. Grand Theft Auto: Grand Theft Auto series is one of the most popular and fast selling franchise ever in the gaming industry. But things were different at the time of Grand Theft Auto was releasing. The reason behind the ban was entirely surprising. In 2008 a young man boarded a Bangkok taxi, after finishing the ride, the driver asked the rider to pay for the ride, the young man pulled out a knife and stabbed the driver. When cops arrested him, he blamed Grand Theft Auto game for this murder. Currently, the game is banned in Thailand.

4.. Bully: Rockstar games are twice in our list, Bully was developed by Rockstar team and immediately it got the title of the ban. Later on, the Brazil government said that setting the story in school can affect the teenagers any may lead to murders or crimes. Fine of 1000 reals per day will be levied for anyone who finds selling this game.

5.. EA Sports MMA: The reason behind the ban of Ea Sports MMA game is wired. The game wasn't banned for its merciless kicks or chokes in the match, but it was banned for energy drinks. The game features caffaience ads and sugar concoctions which are against the laws of that country. Instead of removing the ads, EA just lets it be banned.

Disclaimer: We are not promoting these games in any manner or way, the article is just for educational purpose. The site is not responsible at any point if anything goes wrong while playing these games. We recommend not to download these games, not even for trying them out.

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