Top 5 Web browsers Android Free Download

In today’s life, the Internet has become a very important part. We just can’t imagine the life without it. There was a time when one had to sit in front of one’s PC to access the web, but that time has become history now. Nowadays, the Internet has become accessible anywhere and anytime. The wreath for this goes to the technology adopted by makers in their smartphones. The current trend is that people love to access the web from smartphones, rather than doing it from the PC. Since around 75 percent of total smartphones of 2013 sales, are Android, so it’s not any surprising that there is a big audience who accesses the web from Android devices.If you are ¬†one such person, then you should check out this list of best web browsers Android free download.

Google Chrome

Top 5 Web browsers Android Free Download

The best browser available for Android smartphones and tablets, is the Google Chrome. There should not be any doubt on that, as it’s straight from Google, and moreover, the Google Chrome for PC is also the best browser, so we can expect it’s mini version to be the same. Google Chrome for Android comes with many features that are meant to offer a desktop like Internet experience on Android.

Mozilla Firefox


The second best browser available for Android is Mozilla Firefox. Just like the trend in PC, this one stands among the best browsers, and therefore, is shining in this list of web browsers Android free download. If you are looking for fast desktop Internet experience on your Android device, then Mozilla Browser is what that can help you. You can enhance your experience on Mozilla by installing add-ons, just as you do on desktop version.

Opera Mini Browser

Opera Mini does not need any introduction when it comes to web browsers Android free download. This browser is popular for all mobile OS. The best thing that Opera Mini has got in it that it packs the data, compresses it, and then sends it. This directly results in saving of huge Internet data. Moreover, because of compression, the web pages open very fast resulting in good mobile Internet experience. The pages are opened in the desktop style, so you can have desktop like Internet experience by using Opera Mini on your Android device. Indeed a well deserving browser for spot in this list of best web browsers Android free download.

Dolphin Browser HD

If you more stream the rich content on web, then Dolphin Browser HD is what is meant for you. This is best for you from this list web browsers Android free download. This browser has been the best ever since its launch.

UC Browser

Last one is UC Browser. You might have used this browser already. With more than multiple millions of users, this browser is undoubtedly among the best ones available for Android. You can have good Android web experience using this browser.

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