Top Games free Download for 2013

With the passage of time, the game industry is growing rapidly. There are many games getting developed each year. If you are a true gaming freak, then you must be familiar with most of games launched this year, are you? This year is going good for gaming industry. All big game development companies have done good work so far. As a gamer, you are most likely to be interested in downloading the recently developed, or better say best games of 2013. If this is actually so, then do have a look at the list of top games free download for 2013.

The Last of Us (Winner)

This one got launched recently and is incredible in terms of graphics, sound effects and gameplay. If you ask me what’s good in this game, then I would answer as – graphics and gameplay. The developer has done a great work in the graphical part, and has given realistic look to the game. The best thing is that this game has got Zombies as well. Yeah, you read it right- zombies. So, in case you like to fight against zombies, then also this game is best for you. All the features of this game contribute to make it here in this list of top games free download for 2013.

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Grid 2 (Runner-up)

Love to play racing games? If yes, then this sequel of Grid is just amazing, and deserves this spot in this list of top games free download. Just like the first one, this Grid has been blessed with incredible graphics. This time the developer has done a better work, which has pleased all fans that original Grid earned. By the way, the sound effects are of high quality, and when they combine with high-end graphics being displayed on the screen, then an amazing scene is created, the scene that you will admire for sure, the scene that will take you into the new world.

Metro: Last Light (Winner)

Metro-Last Light

Yet another amazing game in this list of top games free download. This game has got the best concept of all games listed above. The weapons are very deadly, and if you make right use of them, then you can do the job easily which you are supposed to do. Wait, don’t get excited. Obstacles, which are none other than deadly troops of enemies, are always behind you. They want to kill you, and you on the contrary, want to kill them. Quite interesting war, isn’t it?

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Do you love playing the game having bunch of superheroes in it? Well, I do, and that’s why I’m in love with this game. You just download and play this game yourself, you’ll fall in love, too!

Guacamelee (Winner)

Kill the attractive but dangerous enemies. Don’t get trapped into their attraction. Just smash them, smash them badly. Use weapons for this purpose.

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