Top Tech Trends for Marketers to Watch for 2019

Latest technology is taking the lead in almost all walks of life and has totally changed the way we perform business tasks or do day to day jobs. In this era of life where everything is turning into digital, companies and businesses are also going digital when it comes to promote their products or services. However, small businesses and brands need to keep up with latest tech trends in marketing to make their marketing campaigns more effective. Reaching your target audience is no longer limited to TV ads and print media but there are a lot of great ways to build your brand online such as social media websites, business website, chatbots, mobile apps and so on.

Below are top tech trends for marketing that can keep you ahead of the curve when adopting trends to communicate business message more effectively.

Interactive Chatbots

It is the technology that combines use of voice, text and messaging to communicate directly (with no or fewer human interaction) with customers and can be great idea to entertain customers in real time without facing the barriers of time and location. Chatbots has been used longer than VR but they are now taking the limelight. Facebook messenger is the perfect example as they are using messenger bots that are specifically customized to keep users engaged with a business or brand. Investing in chatbots can be a superb idea for small businesses and startups to provide their users with personalized customer service experience.

Voice Search

More and more people want to get things done such as getting useful information, finding the best shopping centers in town and booking rides Etc. even while they are on the go. They prefer voice search instead of typing via keyboards and voice assistants are allowing people to access required information and stuff online more conveniently. Which means every business or brand, apart from its size and type should be optimizing content according to the requirements of voice searches. For this purpose, it is vital to use natural conversational language, and lengthier phrases or full sentences as keywords to get better outcomes.

Programmatic Advertising

In this process, artificial intelligence is used to automate the ad space buying process that enables a company or brand target more specific users for its products or services. More and more companies are using software and apps for buying digital ads. In simple words, use of machines for ad buying is known as programmatic advertising which is more efficient and fast than traditional marketing efforts and also offers higher conversion rates. It means there is no more need to search for a branding agency directory to find the best branding agency for brand building but all the work would be done by AI integrated machines and software.


Personalized marketing is the key, if you really want to stand out now and for many years to come. Nowadays, giant brands and companies are using big data such as purchase history, consumer behavior and links clicked to personalize their marketing efforts. Most of the marketers admit that personalization in marketing build customer trust and make the customer relationships stronger than ever by showing exactly what they want. Famous businesses such as Amazon, YouTube and Netflix are already using the power of personalization to keep their users/customers engaged in a most effective way.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is still known as one of the best marketing mediums to convey your business message more efficiently. As people are busy in these days, they always prefer to watch an interesting short video instead of reading a lengthy blog post when looking for an apt solution for a problem or to know more about a brand or business.

Live videos are gaining popularity among marketers and most of the businesses are using live video feature while conducting interviews, when showing product demos, live corporate events and even how products are produced etc. Facebook and YouTube are now major video platforms that all types of businesses can use to promote their brands and products.

Visual Search

Visual search is another big thing and latest tech trends in the field of marketing that can take user experience to a unique level. In this process, a user can upload a visual to the internet in order to get most reverent and accurate search results without typing a lot of words. As you can see in Google image search, you can easily find more details about a product, object or any other thing simply by uploading its image. So, every business or brand should be optimizing its content and other things according to the visual search requirements in order to appear in more searches.

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