Trick Changing Color LED Lamp in Blackberry without Application

Everyone is aware that technology is getting more and more advanced along with great development. It is growing very rapidly at the moment in mobile phones especially in Smartphones. Nowadays there are number of Smartphone vendors who are moving quickly, such as blackberry, iPhone, android, and so forth.

Every Smartphone vendors from day to day continue to compete for a place in the hearts of its users. Obviously this is done to make the sale of Smartphone mobiles which is increasingly soared. Not only party vendors only, the developer continues to think and work hard to create a variety of exciting features that are not available in the Smartphone. And maybe that's why Smartphones are increasingly evolving alone.

Not only the features are constantly being developed, but also it is continuously changed from the outside view or design to be made as attractive and as cool as possible to make it look elegant and charming. One such display LED light blackberry that makes blackberry look more cool and elegant. This LED will flash when there is an incoming message, or else there is fuel in and so on. But unfortunately, the color of the LED light is only one color only if it is its default. Feels bored right? Now, therefore, this time we will discuss how to change the color of the LED light on your blackberry without using any additional applications.

Here are the steps

  • First of all, go to the Options menu and select Sounds and Ring Tones (on the menu here you can change the color of the LED for the phone or when there is an SMS message, email or BBM).
  • If you want to change the color of LED lights when there are messages new fuel, then select BBM New Message.
  • To change the color of light, on the LEDs, you can choose the desired color. There are many color options such as Orange, Blue, Yellow, Purple or other color.
  • Then click the menu button and select Save. Now, the color of the LED light on your Blackberries are different according to the message or incoming call and in accordance with setting the color that you selected earlier.

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