Two Important Methods to Increase the Speed of Internet

We are aware that internet users don’t have in particular the high-caliber of patience. Every user wants their websites to load faster. In case our website doesn't have an appropriate speed then this can lead to loss of traffic. The most important factor that Google considers is the speed of a page in search engine rankings. It is not only compulsory to have a website that loads quickly, but it is beneficial too.

Today we will let you know the most important steps which can help you to speed up your website loading.

1. Caching and CDN

Versions static content caching to increase the speed of a site has been long. You can start with the storage cache in the browser, although it must implement other issues. We can even find alternatives to PHP cache if we do not use a shared server.

When using a CMS like Joomla, caching and other functions just need to enable and configure. Instead those who use WordPress, the best thing to do are to install and configure a caching plug-in. One of the most popular plugins is W3 Total Cache.

A content delivery network or CDN can be a good resource to improve the speed of loading a website. We can say that a CDN has a global infrastructure of servers while reducing the load time of your hosting service also increases the speed of the pages, to dynamically serve content on the server that is located closer to the visiting the location of the web. If our site has a lot of views and contents, you should invest in a CDN. The options are many, where you have to choose the one that best suits our needs. One of the most popular services is MaxCDN that integrates nicely with the W3 Total Cache plug-in for WordPress.

There are well-known CDN services like CloudFlare or Amazon S3, but other lesser-known and very good performance as Encapsulate. This service as well as help to optimize CDN website and also offers protection against DDoS attacks, analysis, real-time statistics, application firewall (firewall) and safety statistics.

2. CSS Sprites, JavaScript and other

When loading a site is slow because of multiple images, we can reduce this number by combining images in CSS Sprites. Stated another way, a CSS Sprite is the union of multiple images into one. With it instead of having to carry several different images a finder makes only one load via a CSS Sprite. One way to do this is through SpriteMe, which you can use for free.

Another thing we can do is defer JavaScript analysis. Ideally, the JS to load at the end of an HTML document as if you are in the top of a document, may delay the processing of the web. You can use the attribute "defer" to defer analysis until the web JavaScript is loaded as follows:

HTML4 <View plain text >

< script type = "text / javascript" src = "include / general.js" defer = "defer" > < / script >

These additional steps can be done for including the combination of CSS and JS files. If we are using a CMS, it is more likely that the web this based on several CSS and JS files that can slow down the loading speed. You can combine this type of scripts in larger files and improve site speed.

There are other methods to compress the CSS, HTML and JS to improve the load time. This tool is very useful for magnification of these.

And with that we end this article on website acceleration. Do you know any tricks, tips or tool? Go with the comments and share with us!

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