Universal USB Installer for Windows 7

With the rapid growth of technology, almost everyone can’t live even a day without a PC. And as an essential part for PC to run, millions of Windows Registrations are sold every day – while keeping in mind the fact that Windows is the largest selling Operating System for PC got and read this universal USB installer for Windows 7. The reason I said that millions of Registrations are sold and did not say DVD’s are sold is because most of the people these days download their desired Windows version from Microsoft’s Store and then purchase the registration key online, or in some extreme cases, they even crack it  and install Windows online for free.

Now you might be wondering that how they install Windows by downloading it, don’t they have their previous version of windows running in the background and corrupt their data after installing the latest version. Well, the answer is no, because there are many ways to install such downloaded ISO  or ZIP (Windows) files without such issues. However, the method which we are going to discuss today is by using universal USB installer for Windows 7. In this method, what you will be doing is that you will create a bootable USB drive with windows 7 on it and to do this, you will be using this software dubbed as “universal USB installer”.

Overview of

Universal USB Installer for Windows 7

Before you download the universal USB installer for Windows 7 and try it yourself, here is a brief overview of it –

NOTE – The download link for Universal USB Installer will be provided at the foot of this article.

File Formats Supported

  • ISO
  • ZIP

This software comes from the developers Pen Drive Linux and is available for free on their official website. This software will allow you to create a bootable USB drive with Windows 7 on it, or in other simple words, you will be copying the Windows 7 ISO or Zip file to a USB and then use it as a DVD installer, which means that when you will plug it in your PC’s USB port and boot your PC, it will then directly take you to the Windows 7 installation wizard.

Universal USB installer for windows 7 has a rating of 4 out of 5 – (-1) mainly due to a few bugs. As mentioned above, Universal USB Installer for Windows 7 can make a bootable USB drive based upon of ISO and ZIP files which have Windows 7 installation content on it. In addition to this, this software can be used on multiple versions of Windows, these include Windows XP (any version), Windows Vista (any version) and Windows 8 (any version).

While testing this Universal USB Installer myself on my PC running Windows 8, I found various bugs, which included problems such as failure to copy the ISO and ZIP file to the USB drive or sometimes the USB drive did not boot automatically when I used to plug it in while rebooting. However, when I tested this software on my Windows 7 PC,I barely faced any problems and the results were much better than the previous test results on Windows 8. The only thing you need to do in order create a bootable USB drive for Windows 7 is that you first have to format it and then open Universal USB Installer’s main window – over here you will have to browse and select the Windows ISO or ZIP file you downloaded and then select the USB drive “letter” i.e F:/ E:/ etc (be accurate at this one). When done, you will now have to tick mark the radio box which says “We will format F:/ drive as FAT32” and then click on the create button.

You bootable USB drive based on Windows 7 will now be created.

Click Here To Download Universal USB Installer for Windows 7

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