Use Utopia P2P Ecosystem! Defend Yourself!

The man of the 21st century can not imagine his life without the Internet. It entered into our lives and it is on almost every computer. The right system is the key to a comfortable, safe and high-quality pastime on the Internet. Therefore, meet the most secure and multifunctional system - Utopia P2P Ecosystem, which provides you with a 100% guarantee of security on the Internet! 

Utopia is a fast and secure ring ecosystem, which has the necessary degree of data protection on the Internet, and also a wide range of functionality for high-quality work.

  • Security - a high degree of security is provided by the decentralized peer-to-peer architecture encryption principle. This means that there is no single server on which the user data is stored. Now every user is both a client and a server at the same time. Therefore, third parties cannot hack the server, as only the user can decrypt it.
  • Anonymity - when registering, the system does not ask for personal data of users. Registration is based on the principle of generating a unique key for each user.
  • Speed - thanks to the sophisticated encryption provided by the high-speed Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES, the ecosystem provides a high degree of protection and storage of local data of each user.
  • Convenience - the user-friendly interface is thought out "to the last detail". There is nothing superfluous, the principle is implemented: "open and work". In addition, it is possible to change the theme of the ecosystem, for example, the user can choose a white or dark.
  • Task manager - the ecosystem has a rich functionality of applications that each of us uses daily.


  • It is possible to communicate with friends and relatives and add stickers and emojis to messages, as well as send voice messages;
  • The user can have fun with other users by playing built-in games;
  • For everybody is possible to create private chats to share confidential information;
  • Thanks to the read-only feature, the user can create your blog, and mark it on the uMap so that interested users can find it. 


A new generation of e-mail that supports the exchange of files and documents of any format, without the risk that confidential information will fall into the network.

Idyll Browser

A convenient closed browser that does not track user activity, because all the sites that are needed are already created or added to the ecosystem, so the user does not need to leave the ecosystem. In addition, users can create and add their websites, online stores, communities. This is possible thanks to tunnel data between users.


To make financial transactions allows an electronic wallet that stores a specially created cryptocurrency of the ecosystem - Cryptons. With this cryptocurrency, users can make anonymous payments, as well as accept any kind of financial transactions.

Mining bot

There is a possibility of earning cryptons in the ecosystem. To do this, each user can use a mining bot, which for every 15 minute session on the Internet will receive cryptons.

It is available to work on any devices such as Windows, IOS, Linux. Soon it will be presented in the mobile version. The only thing you need is access to Wi-Fi. Everything else is already provided and done for you! 

Utopia P2P Ecosystem: The Verdict Is In!

For 5 years, a team of enthusiasts concerned about security issues on the Internet has been developing a completely new and unique system that would be able to provide a high degree of anonymity on the world wide web!

Do everything possible to keep your anonymity on the Internet - use Utopia P2P Ecosystem and be confident in the future!

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