Utopia P2p Ecosystem - The Only Way to Stay Truly Anonymous on the Web

Personal online privacy is one of the main concerns of millions of people who spend most of their time online. That’s an open secret (thanks to Mr. Snowden) that’s with time governments strengthen control over the population more and more. Such a state of things cannot but dispirit people. So the desire to ensure the security of their confidential data and to weaken control over their personal lives is natural. One of the measures that can be taken against it is counteracting their identification in the network - anonymity ensuring.

Utopia P2P ecosystem was developed exactly for this purpose.

What’s the Utopia P2P ecosystem?

Utopia is a decentralized peer-to-peer enclosed network based on the blockchain principles. It’s developed in order to provide secure and anonymous work online - intercommunication, finances management, free browsing, business running and entertaining.

Its main tools and services:

  • It’s an e-wallet that allows creating Crypto cards and vouchers and therefore conducting and receiving payments anonymously and safely. Payments are made with Crypton only - Utopia cryptocurrency, which can be easily mined.
  • It’s a secure EM, which is quite similar to standard services, but more advanced in terms of security.
  • It’s an instant messenger with similar to traditional messengers functionality which allows creating special channels and allocating them on uMaps (anonymous map which doesn’t track your location)
  • Idyll (uBrowser.) It’ a secure tool for browsing web-resources created within the Utopia ecosystem.

On top of all of this, Utopia introduces its own DNS - uNS thanks to which you can easily and securely create your own channels, websites, online stores and so on.

It introduces the anti-1984 approach - backlash against global governmental surveillance, censorship, cyber-espionage and crimes. How does it provide all that?

How does Utopia provide security and anonymity?

First and foremost, thanks to decentralized P2P architecture, it's based on. Simply put, all the data exchanges, saved, sent, tracked isn’t stored on one central server or warehouse, which is quite common for other messengers and browser. Here, in Utopia, each user is a server and a client itself. So, his/her data is collected on his/her own local storage, which no one has access to. That’s what guarantees the security on a higher level.

The next safety point is encryption applied. Utopia applies improved type encryption - two methods combined - Advanced Encryption Standard (256-bit) and Elliptic Curves cryptography. That means that all your messages, emails (received and sent) are encrypted by default and stored in encrypted storage on your gadget. That rules out the possibility of interception and any data leakage completely.

For the time being, Utopia is free for each and every one.

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