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How To Watch Anime Shows And Movies For Free On Any Device

Well, Anime industry, in general, have grown a lot over the recent years in terms of popularity. Moreover, people from all around the world have fallen in love with Anime, especially, Japanese Anime. One can easily understand the craze and popularity of Anime simply by looking at the number of streaming services that are available on the internet in today's date. Furthermore, I suppose it's quite to say that Anime is probably one of the best forms of entertainment that people love to watch in their free time.

However, the bad news is that most of the Japanese Anime are aired only in Japan only. Of course, some of the popular shows somehow make their way out of Japan as well depending on their popularity, etc. But, if you would like to catch up with all latest and newly released Anime TV shows, then you will have to find a reliable streaming service.

Watch Anime Shows

In today's date, as mentioned earlier in the article, the number of streaming sites on the internet is quite high. Even still, it's quite difficult to find a reliable service that provides free streaming of newly released Anime TV show episodes. If you're looking for a free source to watch Anime TV shows and Movies, then you're in for a good news.

Best Site To Watch Anime TV shows and Movies

If you're a die hard fan of Anime TV shows and Movies, then chances are, you might have come across several websites that claim to provide free streaming of shows in HD quality. But, unfortunately, there are only a few sites that can actually live up to their claims these days. In our personal experience, we found Watch Cartoon Online website to be quite efficient and reliable for streaming Anime shows.

Watch Cartoon Online is an online website which anyone can access and start watching their favorite Anime TV shows and Movies for free of cost. Yes, what you just read is absolutely true! Furthermore, you won;t be forced to sign up an account or go through adverts in order to get started.

In today's date, Watch Cartoon Online is probably the best Anime streaming site currently available on the web. There are absolutely no restrictions or limitations whatsoever, when it comes to watching your favorite Anime shows and Movies. You can take a look at the following list that showcases the features of Watch Cartoon Online website. 

Watch Cartoon Online Website Features

Chances are, you may have already heard of this site on the internet since it's quite popular nowadays. In case, if you're new to the Anime streaming world, then here is a list of features that will help you learn more about the site.

  • Absolutely Free :- Watch Cartoon Online is a free website that doesn't have any sign up or payments in order to watch its content. You can watch as many TV shows and Movies as you want on the site without any limits.
  • Lengthy List of Anime Shows:- The website features quite a hefty catalog that includes Anime TV shows and Movies in almost all the popular tags such as Ecchi, Action, Slice of Life, etc.
  • Dubbed and Subbed:- You will find both Dubbed and Subbed versions of Anime on the site. Of course, the dub version may not be able for every Anime show depending on the studio that made it.
  • Download and Save:- Users will have the option to download their favorite Anime Movies and TV show episodes and save it on their local drive to view later without an internet connection.
  • Regular Updates:- The content library of Watch Cartoon Online site is regularly updated with new TV show episodes. In fact, newly aired TV shows are quickly made available on the site for users to watch.
  • No Restrictions:- The website is accessible to everyone with just a simple internet connection. It doesn't matter where you live, you can access the site from pretty much anywhere in the world for free.
  • Multiple Servers:- You will have the option to select your desired server to watch the selected Anime TV show episode or Movie. This prevents the site from overloading and crashing during peak times.
  • Simple User Interface:- Watch Cartoon Online boasts a unique and appealing user interface to make the user's navigation easy. You will be able to browse through the site's catalog without any issues.
  • HD Quality :- You can watch almost any anime Movie or TV show in its native resolution. In addition to this, you will be able to change the quality of the stream from HD to SD or vice versa.

How To Unlock Watch Cartoon Online Site'

As stated in the earlier part of the article, the site has no restrictions and can be accessed from any country with just a simple internet. However, it's possible for some users to face issues while accessing the site on their devices. Your Internet Service Provider may have blacklisted the site to avoid the users from accessing it.

In order to unblock or bypass such restrictions, you need to use a VPN service on your device. The most reliable VPN options are TunnelBear, and IPVanish that will help you access the site from anywhere in the world.


Watch Cartoon Online site is a freemium streaming site for Anime lovers, meaning, there are absolutely charges involved for streaming your favorite TV shows or Movies on the site. You can watch as many shows as you want without having to worry about anything. It's completely safe and works flawlessly on pretty much every device.

Make sure to let us know your experience with the Watch Cartoon Online site in the comment section below.

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